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11 Feb, 2021

Mockup Development: From Software to Furniture Industry

What is the purpose of a mockup?

While you linger over this question, the furniture industry is bringing the trend into play. They have acquainted their customers with 3D furniture mockups to let them add furniture and decorate their homes.

Why do you not mock-up your designs? A mockup always pays off; nearly every industry is using it as a powerful tool to convince their clients.

IT companies have been using mockups for several years to comprehend the structure and mechanisms of software products. They visualize the software that is to be built, study design concepts, and test features. Now, 3D furniture designs are being made to help customers visualize the interior of their new homes before buying.

This transition from the software industry to the furniture industry is enthralling.

Typically, it is the job of interior designers to make internal spaces functional, beautiful, and safe. But it seems like 3D furniture mockups have outdone them. Furniture owners present their work as realistic designs for customers to prevent having second thoughts about a product.

Let’s take a look at how IKEA is making it easier for shoppers to select an interior design for homes.

Life at Home

Do you know what is unique about IKEA?

IKEA is a renowned Swedish furniture company in the world. Contrasting other furniture stores, it inspires shoppers to envision their products before taking them home. It is not just a regular store but a fully furnished 3D house.

It may sound kind of crazy to you but many believe that its catalogs are distributed more widely than the Bible itself.

A mockup addresses the gap between a conceptual design and a final design. This is helpful to avoid any mistakes in the software development process. Only mockup-driven development has made it possible to see any product in a real-life context before it’s even developed.

Seeing is Believing!

You need to see something before you can accept that it exists. Don’t you agree?

HomeByMe works on this phenomenon. The brand lets you picture your 3D furniture design upfront so that you can directly apply the interior to your new home with confidence. First, they create a 2D design of your home then turn it into a 3D furniture mockup for you to analyze it from every possible angle.

The mockup can help you add a variety of furniture to beautify your home. You choose the items that go best with style. This online interior design application gives you this service starting from US$14.99.

Here is how the process work:

  • You send them your floor plan; a technical drawing or a handmade plan is a requirement.
  • The service requires 3 working days to match your floor plan.
  • You are given two options: unfurnished or furnished project. The prices are different: US$14.99 & US$19.99

Undoubtedly, you can find everything you need to express your personal style. But don’t you think it calls for a lot of your time? And back to back communication is also required?

You can create the house of your dreams but other than you using tools, why not go for a professional service?

You can create the house of your dreams but other than you using tools, why not go for a professional service?

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Hiring a professional saves time, gives you peace of mind, provides solutions even when you’re not around, and handles any situation if faced with one.

Being a business owner you will always have a lot on your plate to accomplish. Sometimes, you don’t even get an opportunity to connect with your team to stay informed on their performances. Therefore, you better trust a professional with some of the critical jobs.

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