You talk, we listen

It starts with a casual discussion. It can be phone, Zoom, or in person in our office in Carlsbad CA. Before our first discussion, we will have already taken care of NDAs and confidentiality documentation. After the first discussion, we will have understood your concept.

We talk again and Discover:

We will select a discovery team from our inhouse specialists. We employ a lot of business analysts and Line of business experts. In order to discover the full scale of your idea, we select the appropriate analysts and setup a discovery call.

The discovery phase can be one of more meetings. It depends on how deep and wide you want to go with your mockup.

You decide the level:

Mockups of software systems come in different shapes and sizes. One size does not fit all.

You get to decide the level of details and level of completion that needs to go in the mockup. You could be a medical device company who needs a wireframe mockup, Requirements Documents, and Test cases. Or you could be a small startup who only wants to start with a simple mockup.

We propose a solution:

Our team works on a proposal and sends it to you.

If you accept, boom:

We start working and show you progress on a daily basis. We deliver you a full blown mockup as promised and you can check this project as “Done” on your list.

Move your concept one step closer.