Mockup Machine is a division of NEXTWERK INC.

We are a specialized division inside a larger organization. Our division focuses on mockups, wireframes and prototypes. We also develop user requirements and test cases.

Our analysts and UI/UX engineers are based in California, Dubai and Pakistan. Our QA team is based mostly in Pakistan.

History of this idea:

We are a software services company and we’ve been making mockups of software systems since 1993.

For us, the idea of making mockups and wireframes is not new at all. But the idea of creating a specialized team of experts, who do only one thing and do it well, is a new experiment.

We took our best analysts, best architects, best UI/UX designers and combined them into one specialized business unit. The reason revolves around efficiency and effectiveness.

A specialized team of experts (like the team at Mockup Machine) can work on business concepts faster and better than a team of software engineers.

How much better is our specialized team? You will have to try us and find out for yourself.

Move your concept one step closer.