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14 Jan, 2021

How Agile Support & Mockup-Driven Development work together?

If you’re familiar with the world of mockups, you must know of the fact that mockup-driven development is making quite the rounds these days. What it essentially does is takes matters into the hands of business analysts and lets them deliver a mockup which is ultimately used by the development team to develop a product.

Sounds interesting? Yes! It isn’t just interesting. The usage of mockups has actually infiltrated the markets through a new approach, which is called mockup-driven development. Mockup-driven development is quite beneficial in terms of the output and efficiency that can be achieved.

Enter Agile Support:

Agile support is an iterative approach towards managing projects within the sphere of software development. Agile support allows development teams to work faster and more efficiently. It is composed of sprints rather than a marathon. By sprints we simply imply that short consistent completion of tasks rather than going for the long run in one go. Agile support must be understood in terms of how it views the entire process of completing a task.

A team is required to follow certain protocols but only for short intervals. This allows teams to actually maintain consistency throughout the development cycle. If requirements are set under longer periods of time then development teams might fall short, as maintaining a long sprint is harder. Agile support practices are quite alike mockup-driven development in the sense that both follow quick transformation practices. Things will make more sense once you finish reading this blog!

Agile Support and Mockup-Driven Development:

One of the biggest advantages Mockups provide is that they are able to satisfy both parties. These include end-users as they can understand the basic functionality and have a feel of what the product would be like. On the other hand, mockups come in handy for the development team because they know for sure that the end user wants this product with such specifications. This gives them confidence and let’s them work on what is required.

Once development teams know what the client wants to get developed and what his exact requirements are, then a chance for agile support comes in. Agile support can be used to make tasks more efficient in the following ways:


Like mentioned before, Agile Support breaks down a single project into multi units. These units are to be completed in a sprint which means as fast as possible without compromising its quality. Also, iteration is applied in the process which is helpful in finding potential flaws and defects within a project. This is the reason why projects under agile support and a mockup-driven development have a high quality bar.


Agile support in software development or even mockup-driven development uses user stories to better understand a requirement of a user or to make modifications according to the requirement. User centric mode of development is quite beneficial not just for the development team but also for beta testing each sprint. If we test each sprint then we can possibly find ways to make it better through user stories if any loopholes are found.


Modifications in a software development project can wreak havoc at times. This is where agile support and mockup-driven development can be beneficial. If a stakeholder requests a modification and is unsure about it then mockup-driven development can be used. In this way, costs as well as time can be saved up. Furthermore, agile support can be used to divide the project into sprints. In any stage of the sprints, if a client requires a modification, the sprint direction can be changed.

On-Time Delivery:

Mockup-driven development isn’t just about prototyping or delivering a mockup that makes a user happy. It’s about getting the job done without wasting resources. Mockups are highly beneficial in this regard as they are the closest thing to the final product yet they are much less costly than development. With mockup-driven development and an agile approach, you can expect an on-time delivery of the final product!

In a Nutshell:

Mockup-driven development is a set of techniques that can very well produce a product with the least amount of hassle yet perfect in application. Certain factors such as a higher productivity rate and efficiency can be gained through agile support. When both of these mechanisms come together together, what you get is nothing short of a product that you have always dreamt of!

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