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23 Feb, 2021

Everything you need to know about Floating Screen Mockup

Floating Screen Mockups are really just like the name denotes, because they are used in a simple way to create a significant impression. Have you ever felt the need to become weightless and rise up above in the sky?

Floating Screen Mockup

Before sliding down the rabbit hole, we decided to address the elephant in the room and know more about the multiscreen perspective floating mockups and their various types. Why are they created in the first place? You’d be surprised to know that they are in-demand and created all across the software industry for different verticals.

Well, the question instantly comes to mind: what are floating mockups?

Rise Up Above in the Air with Floating Mockups

To explain this kind of mockup is the simplest and the easiest thing that we would be doing. While we were at it, we thought to take help from Queen Perry herself, who honored us with the golden words, ‘Do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?’ Well, imagine that and you are sorted because that is the best definition for this particular mockup. They are literally floating on the screen, which gives you room for creativity and especially to see the image from every dimension if it’s a floating mockup for a product.

Take a look at the below image to know more.

Floating Screen Mockup Example

Unravel the Secret to Creating Floating Screen Mockups

Why do we create mockups in the first place? How do we create PSD Mockups? How do you create floating screen mockups? It’s all connected, however, you need to know one thing. That one thing is to know that you have the need to display your design or product through a PSD design or image. It might be a screen that showcases your desired mockup. It seems like a huge screen where your selected design seems floating. You have the power to implement customization and personalization.

Floating Screen PSD Mockups

If you look at it, it’s a smart way to go about software development as well. Because you are empowered to create the design dimensions as per your need and even pitch the ideas before diving right into the development. In this way, you can analyze the design mockup and see any shortcomings or highlight the unique features. There is always room for improvement, right? You can also create floating and interactive UI mockups.

Interactive Floating Screen PSD Mockup

With multiple screen designs in a floating mockup, you can separate the design images and also create a variety of dimensions. It appears to be a more layered approach in creating the design and adds a more deep powerful impact in the design. The best thing is that you can create this kind of mockup for web apps, websites, mobile apps, and even software products. For example, product tour mockups and UI design to create easier navigation for the targeted user and consumer.

Perspective Screen Mockups

You can also create perspective screen mockups for your own business website or multiscreen perspective floating app mockups to showcase the design as per the requirement. It gives you the liberty to display design whichever way you want.

multiscreen perspective floating mockups

Create Floating Screen Mockups for your Next Software Product

You can think about hundreds of ideas that you’d eventually like to convert into products. Meanwhile, in order to materialize that idea, you definitely need expertise. Floating Screen PSD Mockup and Multi-Screen Perspective Floating App Mockups are the best way to go about it. You can get it in no time with the help of your designer. Even if you don’t have access to a professional UI designer, you can create these mockups with help of free online mockup generating tools.

Moreover, you can also download free mockups. But experts advise that it is the most efficient way to leave the professional work to professionals. The creation of Mockup Machine was also initiated to streamline the software development process and cut down on the extra hassle, extra effort, and save thousands of dollars.

Do you have an idea that you’d like to float? Don’t delay it anymore, the waves never wait for anyone!

Move your concept one step closer.