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20 Oct, 2021

Fall of UI/UX Developer in the Market: Read to Know

Is being a UX designer worth it in 2022?

Are UI/UX designer skills appreciated today? Is UI/UX still in demand? How to become a UX designer for this is to be the case.

We fail to understand why people are talking about the fall of UI designer skills…

As per the LinkedIn survey, UI and UX designing is in the 8 elite occupations in the field of online marketing. You get the following perks if you prefer this career:

  1. The normal wage of a UI UX engineer in the U.S. is $83,421/yr. A Software Developer UI can gain $89,736/yr. A UI Designer can earn $93,440/yr. A UI Developer/UI Designer can acquire $95,944/yr. A UI Web Applications Developer procures $100,350/yr.
  2. You can jump on your entrepreneurial career easily.
  3. There are a hell lotta freelancing opportunities for you out there.
  4. You can be a part of any hottest industry in the market. Each sector now requires UI/UX designer skills.
UI/UX designer skills

UI designer skills are not limited, it varies or gets updated with time to satisfy customer’s needs. So how can you update yourself as a designer to meet the market needs? Let’s talk about it briefly!

The fall of UI/UX developers doesn’t mean they are dead, leading themselves towards decline or losing their jobs. It is directed to have certain molds on their job roles that disrupt their career and start losing their clients.

Below are the certain reasons that ensure the fall of UI/UX developers.

1- Not Relying on AI-based Prototyping Tools

How do you explore the design solution? It involves an evaluation of the design and then mentioning a valuable solution. If a solution is not suitable, you efficiently realize the flaw and opt for another solution.

AI-based prototyping tools have a particular emphasis on making your production faster. The tools make UI/UX designer skills effective and questions your requirements accordingly.

For example: If you ask, “Hey Siri, construct an automated music application for all platforms.”

Your Siri will plan to explore the modern music application designs, with different trendy songs, playlists, singers, and allows you to deal with a new app that works on different platforms.

The above-mentioned example relates to the advancement of AI and it ensures you to concentrate or update yourself according to AI-based prototyping tools.

Not relying on AI-based tools will lead you to failure!

How to become a UX designer

2- The Attack on UI/UX Developers

Do you think that AI will take over your design jobs? Sounds intimidating right! But read this phrase somewhere ‘AI will replace the designers of today, not the designers of tomorrow.’ Are you the designer of today or do you want to become the designer of tomorrow?

You must enhance your UI/UX designer skills today for a promising tomorrow.

Remind yourself to learn new skills and expand your learning capabilities to enhance UI designer skills. Try to evaluate the problem and develop a better solution; otherwise, you are losing your job intentionally.

Do you want to know what the design of tomorrow will look like?

  • Desktop and mobile experiences are not going to vanish
  • UX/UI design has to make an effortless package amongst them
  • Personal digital assistants give a seamless interface to their users
  • AR apps demand wonderful UX/UI design
  • Expect to see specific more roles within UX/UI design
  • UX/UI designers need to adapt quickly as technologies and experiences change
  • Rising demand for UX/UI designers skills in the healthcare sectors
  • Direct-to-consumer healthcare companies that assist the consumers are expanding
  • Ergonomic internal tools are required
  • Employee satisfaction is as important as customer satisfaction
UX mistakes to avoid

3- A day When you Don’t Learn Something is a Day Wasted

Do you want to learn new UI/UX designer skills? Are you afraid of taking risks or acquiring new practices? But you need to rethink if you want to remain competitive.

In both cases, being backward or sticking to one particular domain will make you fall behind the times. In this do-it-yourself era where everybody is coming up with solutions of their own, not knowing updates devalues your position.

For an enhanced quality of work, acquiring new UI/UX designer skills each day is obligatory.

4- Lacking in Design

Design patterns work according to a particular period, and designers struggle due to a lack of ideas. Designers are creative but majorly fail due to their ego, as they only focus on aesthetics but do not pay attention to customers and product demands.

Try not to blindly defend your design by being a UI/UX designer. Start listening to your teammate’s perspectives and explore a liable solution. A collaboration and constructive ideas lead to reliable design and attract clients to use your platform.

5- Doesn’t Know How to Handle “Criticism” or “Feedback”

There are effective ways of dealing with criticism or feedback. But before you start resolving, knowing these two terms is important.

Below is the difference between criticism and feedback.


By definition, it is ‘the expression of disapproval of someone or something on the basis of perceived faults or mistakes.’

Make yourself clear that criticism is rarely beneficial to you, and it only focuses on the negative aspects with unhealthy stances. It is not directed to provide you with a reliable solution to identify the major root cause.



By definition, it is ‘information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement.’

Feedback involves a piece of certain information that assists the development process, and it involves a suggestion that doesn’t attack a specific person. It notifies the designer based on certain points to improve its product and himself.

6- Carelessness

Are you lacking UI/UX designer skills? You must have been careless at a certain point.

It is quite common that everyone demands to finish everything early, resulting in bogus client feedback. Try not to be careless with the minor flaws in your products and start making your image according to others.

UI/UX designer skills got worse due to the following carelessness:

  • Silly spelling mistakes in a four-word sentence
  • Misplaced pixels while switching screens
  • Forget to edit the discussed parts

How to become a UX designer? If you are really lacking UI/UX designer skills, we share with you some 9 essential skills that you can adopt today!

  1. Compassion in design
  2. Design thinking
  3. Communication in the design process
  4. Flawless coding
  5. Keeping track of analytics
  6. Strong research
  7. Psychology in design
  8. Networking

As per the InVision survey, 66% of user experience job listings lack serious UI skills. Bear in mind that visual interface components like design layout, composition, graphics, images, and animated motion are fundamental to the user’s overall experience.

Want to know the must-have UI/UX designer skills? How to become a UX designer?

Final words

Do you have any flaws now? Evaluate before it’s too late.

Heal yourself with gradual improvement in UI/UX designer skills and live life wholeheartedly without making common mistakes.

For those who are planning to hire a professional UI/UX designer or exploring reliable UI designer skills contact us now.

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