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11 Mar, 2021

The Ancient Mockup Series 2 – Gianni Versace

Let us dig into a little more on our series two on Ancient Mockups. Mockups have been used in a wide variety of ways throughout history. The interesting thing is that mockups have been used in almost all types of industries. Today’s blog centers around one of the icons of the fashion industry, Gianni Versace.

fashion and apparel mockups and Gianni Versace

Versace is a name that is more of a symbol these days. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name Versace? It is fashion. Fashion and Versace have almost become synonymous because of the fact that his fashion branding and clothes were a revolution and completely revamped the industry.

The Mockup Relevance

In our last series, we witnessed how science and nature were brought together through mockups. Today, we will look at how Gianni Versace brought together fashion and artistry together with the help of fashion and apparel mockups. Versace considered himself as an inventor who mixed cultures together to deliver something new and unorthodox. He started sketching at a young age and this is where he discovered the power of mockups.

Let us take a look at some of his iconic sketches:

A Sketch for Prince

It is widely known that Versace’s influence in the music industry was immense. Versace was a big fan of the rock music icon, Prince. Prince even played for Versace on numerous occasions and was inspired by Verace’s fashion designs. Take a look at the infamous sketch of Prince’s outfit by Versace:

sketch of Prince’s outfit by Versace

Contemporary Influence in the Music Industry

Versace continues to be an influence in the world of music. Beyonce got quite the attention when she wore one of his dresses. It was a custom-created, white and silver leather halter mini dress. She wore the dress on her “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” and got quite the attention.

Contemporary Influence in the Music Industry

Fetish Wear

Helena Christensen during the summer of 1992 wore a dress that became the center of worldwide attention. It was a time when Versace mixed fetish with fashion. It was criticized at first, but it opened up ways for women to express themselves. Here’s a sketch:

Versace mixed fetish with fashion.

Why are fashion and apparel mockups important?

It all comes down to the importance of why sketching is important. When Versace had an idea, he simply sketched it down. Of course, at a later point of time he reflected upon the dress and added improvements or deviations. Because of this habit, he left a mark on the fashion industry that can never be forgotten. His fashion was at times abstract and at times very confrontational, but it started with a sketch and then a mockup. The final product was a dress.

Even today, the fashion industry uses sketching to design a dress.

Mockup Machine

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