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24 Feb, 2021

Create Free Mockups with Balsamiq – Tips and Tricks for a layman

Have you invested so much in an amazing idea that failed against all odds? What if we told you that you could’ve avoided it with free Balsamiq mockups? Yes, it’s surprising and interesting at the same time. Because mockups give you the freedom to display and exhibit your idea in a visual form as it materializes.

With the increase in popularity of mockups and the surge in its demand, there are numerous tools available to generate online mockups and mockup templates. People are continuously contributing to it, which has resulted in building a huge community. Moreover, it has also helped businesses a great deal to save time, effort, and extra costs.

Don’t believe it? See the latest demands at Google trends in a particular region:

Google Trends for Free Balsamiq Mockups

So, let’s dig in!

What is so great about Balsamiq? How can you use Balsamiq to build free mockups?

Balsamiq is a low fidelity tool for creating mockups and online wireframes. You can use it for cloud and desktop, and integrate it into google drive or even confluence. But, we all have heard so much about the increase in demands for free Balsamiq mockups, so why not understand what all the fuss is about?

You can create mockups for different products such as:

  • Software Mockups
  • Mobile App Mockups
  • Desktop Applications Mockups
  • Web App Mockups
  • Apparel Mockups
  • Technology Device Mockups
  • Home and Living Mockups

So basically, anything that you can imagine, you can make a mockup for it and see if it is really worth investing your time and money.

So, we thought to test the Balsamiq free mockups to create a wireframe for the mobile screen template, and all the icons were available. So we used inbuilt icons, corrected the sizes, and customized it as per our wishes. The amazing thing is that we can also use different things within the tool to get great results. It provides a user the playground to get all access to readymade templates, icons and so much more.

Balsamiq mockups wireframe

Tips and Tricks – What are the possibilities with Balsamiq?

With the world becoming so fast-paced, we need to stay very active in order to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Add comments and suggestions for collaboration
  • Add project description for better understanding

Did you know you can make the wireframe more interactive by adding clickable links and adding social media links?

Take a look!

Interactive Balsamiq wireframe with social media links

So the thing is that in between, we can play with the tool, but in order to understand it properly, we have to experience it by using it.

Is it a wireframe or a mockup?

If you are looking to create free mockups using a wireframe tool, then you should definitely see Balsamiq.

is Balsamiq a wireframe or a mockup
Sketch made using Balsamiq Free Tool

Can you notice the clear difference between both? If you notice at the right bottom side, we have the option to choose and convert our sketch into a wireframe. It may appear as the same thing, but it’s not, because a low fidelity wireframe is more refined and gives us an idea about the product, just like you can see the mobile screen template mockup.

We know, it’s not like we are Picasso and it would turn out to be like “Guernica” known as one of the most powerful and incredibly provoking paintings in the world. So what would we say to it?

Let’s leave it to professionals (preferably UX professionals)!

Who can use Balsamiq to create mockups?

Well, this tool is online available for everyone, however, wants to develop a software application but they want to see it before actually jumping into it. It is one of the most cost-effective methods to run a cost-benefit analysis without having to run numbers. It’s like seeing your idea on paper, but in the form of interactive mockups.

So there are many people who can collaborate and use this as a team or you can hire business analysts to leverage this amazing and easy to use tool. Because using and mastering this tool also requires practice. But if you are a business owner, who can use it on your behalf?

It can be:

  • Business Analysts to create wireframes
  • UI/UX Designers to convert it into interactive mockups
  • Product Developers to transform your mockup into reality

So, you can get a general idea that anyone who wants to build something meaningful. A mockup can save you so much time, effort, and resources.

Get started with 5 Easy Steps – Build free Balsamiq mockups

It’s no rocket science, that you have to install some addons or plugins. Balsamiq provides you with a great library that lets you create a great mockup for incredible user-interfaces.

So, if you are interested in using it to get your hands on this great tool, we will suggest directly going to the website, and then download it.

We related the steps to the faster building of wireframes that includes:

  • Download Free Balsamiq Tool
  • Install and start using it instantly
  • Create a sketch and start playing with the idea
  • Use the sketch and airframe to create an interactive mockup
  • Viola! You are good to go, present it or analyze it

Now the Next Step, the crucial one is to ask yourself: Are you ready to build this product?

You can also access the tutorials and explore their information blogs, that can take you step by step through each step in the creation of a mockup and you can get an answer to every single possible query that you have related to mockups.

5 steps for building Free Balsamiq Mockups

Before you take the next step – Stop and Think!

We all know that nobody would offer us a free lunch unless there is a catch.

“If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.” – Andrew Lewis

It’s terrifying, to say the least, but if you are here looking for an answer. We would always advise you to hire professional experts and resources, so you can:

  • Build your own customized and personalized mockups
  • Protect your ideas and mockups from getting stolen
  • Avoid the risk of using someone else’ idea
  • Create the mockup for your ideal product as per requirements

Do you have an idea that the world needs to see? Are you eager to look at its mockup? Why not see it before you let them see it?

That’s why you have the privilege to use a mockup machine however you desire. Are you ready? Let’s talk!

Move your concept one step closer.