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25 Mar, 2021

Learn How to Mockup an Instagram post?

Have you ever used an Instagram post mockup? How do you make an Instant Instagram Mockup before you post something on your profile? Let’s talk about it.

We understand that getting noticed on Instagram is one of your main goals. Also, we believe that it’s a very tough thing to achieve, especially if you have a handful of followers and you’re not receiving the likes or comments that you desire. Certainly, you can control your organic reach by running some social media campaigns. But, if you rarely receive comments or likes on your profile, use Instagram post mockups to see outstanding growth!

Have you ever used an Instagram post mockup? Let’s talk about it.

Social Media Mockups

Having an instant Instagram mockup handy is imperative for your business profiles because you want to see your content before it is even published. It will not only help you to see how a particular post will look once posted but you can plan the aesthetics of your profile too.

Do you have a stunning campaign idea to pitch to your client? Or are you a marketing manager who has to ensure the aesthetics are good to market ideas to potential clients? Instagram post mockup is a real and quick solution to plan everything you need to market your online businesses. So, use an instant Instagram mockup and stay more efficient.

You can create social media posts, run promotions or ads, and even work on the appearance of your page by embracing the Instagram post mockup trend. Are you wondering how to create professional mockups to promote your products or services? Or thinking about how to visualize your ad designs or show off your feed content in a flawless style?

Do not worry, your questions will be answered.

Instant Instagram Mockup

Aesthetic, Aesthetic, Aesthetic

Do you know how popular Instagram is in 2021? Let’s share some statistics with you:

  1. It has one Billion monthly active users.
  2. It is the most famed social media network worldwide.
  3. It is most popular in the United States and India; both have around 140 Million active users.

Instagram is all about aesthetics; people follow your account because they are art-curious. In short, they fall for the aesthetics of your page. Obviously, you don’t want to make your pictures seem random to your audiences. So you pick and choose specific fonts, colors, and filters for your feed to achieve the desired look and feel of your account.

If you are literally fighting for the aesthetics of your profile then why take the risk of uploading a post without mockups? You must embrace the Instagram post mockup trend.

Aesthetic Instagram post mockup

Instagram Post Mockup Generator

What is a mockup generator? Did you ever use it to create a mockup for yourself? Well, the main purpose of a mockup generator is to help your design a mockup without needing any professional help. The tools that we are going to learn about today would require:

  • No photoshop expertise
  • Zero technical knowledge
  • Permits you to design a mockup inside your browser
  • Easy-to-use
  • Reasonable to afford

Our top three Instagram post mockup generators are:

  1. MediaModifier
  2. SmartMockups
  3. Mockuper

Let’s learn something about these today.


This great tool allows you to create a stunning and aesthetically-appealing Instant Instagram Mockup within minutes. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop tool, and a beautiful layout to create phenomenal marketing campaigns, ads, and promotions. It has a solid library of mockups of every sort. You can create design templates for Instagram, Facebook banners, T-shirts, logos, etc.


You either download a mockup template or custom-make your own using this Instant Instagram Mockup generator. It is the fastest tool that you can use to create a beautiful Instagram post mockup design to grab your follower’s attention. If you want to take your content to a whole new level, you can try it out!


Mockuper is not used to generate mockups for Instagram or any other social media site. But, it is rather a device mockup that permits you to see how your Insta posts, promotional ads, or videos would look like on a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet screen.

Professsional Help

In Essence

Are you new to Instagram blogging? Do you wish to maintain a consistent feed? Or, is there a shopping & retail company wanting to post a hot sale on your page? No matter the intention, you can achieve what you desire using mockups.

Making mockups for social media can be complex, bearing in mind that each post has its particular resolution. You did learn about a few new tools in this guide, but if you are swamped and don’t feel like designing mockups yourself. Feel free to reach out to us for some professional mockup services!

Move your concept one step closer.