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29 Jul, 2021

The Concept of Idea Realization

“Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats.” ~ Sue Grafton

We are with her on that.

Have you ever heard of the Idea realization process? Most people have heard about it but only some are familiar with the concept of idea realization. Let’s acquaint ourselves with the rules.

Everything started with a need. Walking barefooted was unfeasible for us so we created shoes. Temporary shelters were not sufficient to survive natural disasters so permanent houses were designed. Proposing such great ideas was easy but their execution was wearying. We love this because coming up with an idea one day, accomplishing it, and then devising a new one the other day… Isn’t it fascinating for you too?

Idea realization

But, how are ideas created? We say through idea realization!

I Think, We Think, You Think

“I don’t need an alarm clock. My ideas wake me.” ~ Ray Bradbury, WD

Someone said that good ideas truly are the result of everything in your head. That’s true. For example, consider this situation. How do you think comedians come up with new jokes each time they show up on the stage? Most of them make amusing situations out of their real-life experiences. Whatever they see and whatever comes into their minds, they turn those ideas into funny and humorous things. So, they keep their abstract thinking mode on as default.

Abstract thinking is a great skill that humans possess. It’s one expertise that sets us apart from animals and other species on earth. You create new things, speak metaphorically, solve great problems, comprehend concepts, resolve situations, form theories, and compare things to get more accurate results. Amazing ideas are living inside your heads. You sow seeds of concepts, water them, but those aims don’t produce giant trees. How come? Why is it that many of your great ideas remain stuck in your brains? Why do many of your schemes remain unspoken? It is mainly because you doubt them! Even if you list down all of your ideas on a piece of paper for pursual, selecting the best ones becomes a problem for you. This is why the idea realization concept can come in handy.

I Think, We Think, You Think

One Great Idea Can Make a Difference

How do you know if your business idea is good?

What is your unique selling proposition? Is this question familiar? A USP explains your current position in the market based on the value you put forward and the problem you solve. To find out if your idea is splendid, you have to determine your business’s USP. In toto, figure that one thing only you can do and others can not. How about we put it under the idea realization process?

Ever wonder how the merchandise industry is growing thinking every other start-up focused on retail? 1stDibs, Bellroy, Bloom & Wild, Brandless, Boxed, and Deliverr are a few retail start-ups to name. But they are all offering one thing, selling & buying but still flourishing… What we mean to say is that not every idea has to be unique. It can be re-imagined in a whole new way.

One Great Idea Can Make a Difference

Presenting Information in a Simple, Visual Way

As said above, one great idea can bring about growth to your company. So, idea realization can show you a new way of formulating services and inventing products.

Why do good ideas fail?

There can be multiple answers to this very question but mainly ideas fail due to inept and inferior business models. You know that brainstorming is the meat for your business meals. Yet you fail to use an unconventional approach to brainstorming in achieving positive results.

Presenting Information in a Simple, Visual Way

Presenting information in a simple visual way means brainstorming ideas using mockups. Everyone has an approach to brainstorming. What is your brainstorming method?

Mockups are used as a creative brainstorming method to give each member of the development team a voice. It is implemented as a usual brainstorming practice to bring forward objectives and suggestions. Less product knowledge is a relevant reason why your company is unable to convey an idea, go on with it and unlock its potential. This is why you should not jump straight to the development phase without gaining in-depth knowledge about the product.

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So, invest in mockups to gain as much knowledge as possible to prevent failure.

The thought of idea realization seems like a good one and we consider it needs to be placed in the brainstorming process to achieve greater output. There are some steps to idea realization that can help you bring forward an idea that is right and never fails.

positive thinking

Steps To Idea Realization

1. Establishing an idea realization program

You have conceived an idea and it’s living in your mind. You want to get it out of your brain and place it in front of the world. A question is to be defined, a plan is to be developed, and answers to be clarified. You want to give birth to that idea but what should you do for it to survive?

Bear in mind, the idea belongs not just to you but to your company and its employees as well. And so, arranging a sitting session with your team will help in defining your company’s morals, objectives, and strategic goals. The passion and enthusiasm of you and the participants will advance when the timing and sequence are right in the idea realization process.

Establishing an idea realization program

2. Encourage creative idea sharing from all

Doesn’t matter if it’s a small or a big launch, inviting each team member to brainstorming sessions is always a sensible idea. You can call it an idea-collection campaign where everyone comes with fresh perspectives and clear agendas for the idea realization purpose.

In this campaign, you can arrange live sessions for participants or create an in-house web portal where ideas are shared and facts listed. Do you want to add some fun to those sessions for your employee? We have some pro tips for you:

Tip 1: Ensure to choose a place that’s colorful and comfy enough.
Tip 2: Arrange some refreshments such as tea, coffee, some sweets
Tip 3: Minimise distractions i.e. no cell phones to be allowed
Tip 4: There should be no criticism unless it is constructive

Encourage creative idea sharing from all

3. Polishing ideas

When gold is extracted from the earth, it’s never in the right shape. It’s molded and beautifully sculpted until it becomes what it becomes. Similarly, ideas are raw. You polish them. You express them in words, study using visuals, and process them around the globe. This is how a great idea is brought to life!

Wrapping Up

“A business may look glamorous from the outside but only an entrepreneur knows the dirty and gritty side of the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to be successful.” – Unknown

Are you thinking of starting your new business? The idea realization process can help you bring your ideas to life.

Move your concept one step closer.