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22 Jan, 2021

Make your Pitch Deck Presentation Perfect with a Mockup

Why is the pitch deck presentation so important? Because businesses have to get the most out of a business deck, even though the prospect will probably look at it for a few minutes or seconds. Since the attention span is decreasing, you have to make your mark.

DocSend is said to be an online platform that is especially good for keeping documents secure and all in one place for keeping the business deck. You’d be surprised to know that after conducting research on 200 startups, It was revealed that the investor will only look at your deck for about 3 minutes and 44 seconds.

Survey by DocSend on Pitch Deck presentation

Now, how do you plan to impress the prospect in a 3min average time? That seems challenging, to say the least, however, it’s not impossible. When you go into the battle, you should always be prepared for ‘what may come.’ But even if you stumble, you need to have a killer presentation for the business deck.

Create a killer Pitch Deck Presentation

With a Pitch deck presentation, one thing clear that it has something that you want to address to a particular audience. Now, it can be a board meeting, sales-related deck, investor deck, or a business deck for customer-related concerns. You have to define your strategy, and then create your own unique pitch. People like effort, and it is usually apparent if you have put your heart and soul into it.

The good old-fashioned presentation created on word can’t be of any use. The world has become so advanced and there are different customized templates available. Let’s suppose you are going to bag a few million dollars from an investor. Would you go with a simple presentation? No, they won’t even consider you to be a serious candidate. However, if you create a professional template-based pitch deck presentation, they will consider you and listen to you. Now, you have got a chance. Life is all about chances, right?

Recent market trends suggest that people are moving towards creating mockup templates for business decks and presentations. It gives you great leverage over your competitors such as:

  • You can showcase your pitch in whichever way you want: add more templates, fonts, colors to highlight and to make things more impactful especially when it contains stats and market research.
  • With a mockup for presentation templates, you can create high-resolution static images to display your vision, agenda, and reflect your concept in a unique way to stand out among the crowd.
  • You need pitch deck mockup presentations because you can’t be using the ‘ready-made templates’ that everybody is using. How will you showcase your individuality?
  • If you are a company, well you can create multiple mockup deck presentations and that can be customized as per the nature of the pitch. Now, that’s the real game to have your own copyrighted unique templates for pitch decks.
  • You have the control to make all the changes, updates, and add new stuff to make your pitch more powerful. You won’t risk losing a potential client, and a mockup presentation will save you time, money, and unseen risks.
  • It displays your plan value proposition and distinctive business model with all the technical or non-technical details. It might include your story, vision, target audience analysis, market analysis, reports, and even strategy. One size doesn’t fit all!

All you need to create a Pitch Deck Presentation

Do you have any business model? Do you want to create a pitch to win over investors? Well, you can create a mockup pitch deck presentation to get started, and if you are satisfied then make it more realistic by turning it into a final form.

Start work on your next pitch deck presentation today!

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