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03 Feb, 2021

Using Mockups for SEO

Did you ever think that SEO and Mockups could relate? Mockups are pivotal in designing new marketing campaigns and reforming entire websites. Today, you will learn how mockups are a great way to generate marketing campaigns and how do they relate to SEO.

Should you ditch mockups wholly? There’s been plenteous of discussion around the idea of designing mockups to focus on design elements before the development begins. Indeed, it is a big step to take an idea from a simple concept to development, so potentially, designing mockups can entirely ease the hurtful process.

A mockup is an early draft of an application or a product used primarily for studying ideas and concepts to turn them into tangible designs. You typically get a clue of the final structure and detailed elements to ensure they bear a resemblance to the final designs.

Mockups have several faces; it ranges from static templates to interactive prototype-like designs that are usually made using some tools or by hiring professionals. We believe that whether you are a small company or a large corporation, designing interactive mockups can save you a ton.

You can design mockups to get an idea of the end-product, test its abilities, and find flaws if any. You can spare yourself the trouble of finding potential errors afterward, but, can identify risks beforehand. Consequently, the danger of having to utterly redesign the application or product is minimized.

Using Mockups for SEO

SEO and Mockups

Like we said at the start, mockups are pivotal in designing new marketing campaigns. But designers typically conflict with mixing design and SEO, because they believe that there’s no need. Conversely, this doesn’t need to remain valid. In fact, a website’s mockup can be created by bearing in mind some SEO requirements.

We recommend that you should give value to SEO and mockups like you pay attention to other planning phases because it is now believed that SEO can work well with designs too.

Do you not think that your website’s design planning must include SEO actions as well?

Suppose, you have a website designed and gone live but it did not rank well on the web. Even though its design was pretested with a mockup, but maybe, the SEO elements were not taken into consideration. That is why we endorse that an SEO implementation strategy must be carried out during the mockup phase.

SEO and Mockups

SEO Friendly Mockup Design

SEO and mockups are a great strategy; so it’s not a complex thing to say that they both should be included in the initial design processes abreast. An SEO-specific mockup can demonstrate to you the ways in which internal navigation, meta-titles, and placed content can be adjusted. You already know that mockups very well define the total aesthetics, user flows, and functional elements of a site. Having SEO involved, a mockup can help you plan out on-page elements that are optimized, as well as elements for lead generation, lead conversions, internal and backlinking, etc. You can even prepare a keyword analysis for each page of the website.

It is just so overwhelming? Let’s take a deep look at SEO and the mockup concept.

SEO Friendly Mockup Design

Typically, a mockup is designed without adding content to the presentation. It simply conveys the design layout in a clear way. But, do you know what happens if the SEO needs are not reckoned with during the development? What if the keyword character length surpasses? What if the content is less than what is required? Obviously, this strategy is to adhere beforehand.

An SEO-friendly mockup design relates to the creation of website mockups that show a design that is fully indexable by search engines. It’s important because only SEO optimized websites can catch traffic on Google. How about we give it a few new names? A Google SEO mockup or a Google search mockup?

Next time if you design a mockup, ensure keeping the search engine in your thoughts.


Do you want to achieve a successful website? You have to craft a strategy that leads you to that. Planning alone can’t take you there, design actions must contain SEO elements. Other than to detect design flaws afterward, it’s better to consider SEO parameters beforehand.

We also want your websites to be designed flawlessly, so take a step to adapt to the Google search mockups idea. Any content that you put on the website can be ranked truly well to drive natural sales. So, don’t you agree that implementing SEO and mockups strategy is any good?

By the way, how do you design mockups? Do you use a tool for it yourself? We recommended leaving the work to experts. We can do the detailed work for you.

Move your concept one step closer.