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20 Jul, 2021

3 Reasons Why You Need a Business Analyst

What is the importance of a business analyst? And why do you need to hire one?

You look for healthier IT solutions to execute your frequent business matters, challenges, and obstructions. Your desire for better solutions has evoked the demand for having technical experts aboard to detect and solve problems for you. Bearing such requirements in mind, a business analyst is needed within your team to augment processes, products, services, and software through data analysis. He can handle the market research, scrutinizes both product lines and the total fitness of your business.

Importance of a business analyst

What is the main role of a business analyst?

We have BAs working on agile projects in our company so we know all the day-to-day activities carried out by them. Let us tell you how Vanessa spends her whole day in Mockup Machine.

So, Vanessa captures business requirements and works in close collaboration with the development team. She gathers information to identify the needs of our clients, work priorities, and any changes they desire in the software system.

One day she receives a call in which a client named Morris shares his idea of having an eCommerce website designed for selling electronic devices worldwide. Vanessa starts taking all his business requirements and assures him that his request can be catered to in the best way possible. Morris also tells everything about his vision to help Vanessa understand the website’s flow.

What importance of a business analyst

As Vanessa is fulfilling a business analysts role, she takes his requirements to the next steps:

  1. Conducting thorough business analysis: Vanessa studies everything about his intent and finds out appropriate solutions for him.
  2. Preparing a product requirement document: Vanessa collects any info that is necessary from Morris.
  3. Finding suitable resources: Vanessa does the budgeting & forecasting, decides on resources, assigns tasks to engineers, & finalizes the tools needed.
  4. Providing further assistance: Vanessa further assists by sharing her feedback from time to time. And checks how the site’s UX should look.
  5. Collecting feedback from stakeholders: Vanessa checks if the site is up to the mark. Performs user-acceptance tests, and collects customer reviews.
  6. Building necessary reports: Vanessa builds detailed reports to check the performance of the site.
  7. Conducting meetings: Vanessa holds a meeting with Morris to show him the site and conveys his feedback to the development team.
  8. Making of dossiers and preparing a presentation: Vanessa shares all the important documents with Morris after his website is deployed.
day of a business analyst

This is how Vanessa helped Morris developing the eCommerce website of his dreams. All of this explains to you the importance of a business analyst in your company. You can very well notice how she acts as a bridge between the team and him. So, do you now know a business analyst’s importance?

3 Reasons Why You Need a Business Analyst

Reason 1

Why are BAs so sought-after?

Because they make your intricate business processes much easier. They literally transform business problems into business possibilities. Lauren Britton is a Senior ICT Business Analyst, here is what she has to say about the importance of a business analyst:

“Business analysts will typically tell the story of what’s happening in the business today. They’ll say, okay, this is what’s happening, this is how, and this is why we’re doing this.”

Reason 2

A good business analyst understands what your project means to you and your company.

Angela Wick is Globally Recognized for doing, leading, evangelizing, and tutoring modern analysis practices. Here is what she has to say about the importance of a business analyst:

“Business analysis needs to be an integrated practice. It needs to be integrated with other disciplines and practices to be taken seriously and show the value.”

Reason 3

You need a business analyst in your company to help facilitate solutions to problems and to prepare your staff to become adaptive to changes coming ahead.

“A skilled business analyst draws out the needs that are not yet known.”

business analyst


For those who are looking to kick-start their career as a business analyst, you need to acquire:

  1. Good technical skills to identify the right outcome for businesses.
  2. Research skills to explore possible solutions for businesses.
  3. Design thinking skills to get to the heart of the issues to propose solutions.
  4. People skills to interact with clients, etc.
  5. Communication skills to make the clients feel like their problems are heard.

You now know the importance of a business analyst, and probably want to hire one right away. But, how do you find a good business analyst? You must look for these top qualities for a business analysts role:

  • Persuasiveness
  • Solution-oriented
  • Critical thinkers
  • Analytical minds
  • Modeling knowledge

We are proud to say that we know importance of a business analyst and our business analysts have it all! You can always reach out to us to have your next project built easily.

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