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27 Apr, 2021

Why startups need to build mockups?

Startups are the seeds that aim to fully grow up as a tree someday, which asserts on the points these ventures can’t bear trouble in planning and execution. At the same time, these startups always need to track down the cost and implementation strategies to keep it up and running. Needless to say, once gone south, it’s hard for a startup to claim stability without making strenuous efforts.

If you’re a startup and facing challenges at the brink, this write-up has several takeaways for you. It throws light on the relationship between startups and mockups, and why we really need to talk about it now and then?

Startups and Mockups

As a beginner to the scenes, before you get to know more about them in detail, firstly you need to comprehend the idea of mockups. These low-fidelity representations can informally be called upgraded versions of wireframes. Unlike the wireframes, Mockups are more realistic as they include typography, colors and UI visuals too.

In contrast, wireframes are simple and work as a technical signal to the techies out there. In other words, wireframes are meant for developers, whereas mockups give an even clearer idea to the laymen.

The bond between Startups and Mockups

The UI is the basic yet most important factor of projects these days, and the startups aren’t an exception to that. Therefore, nowadays wireframing tools for startups are a must as these are open-source tools or cost less to prepare all sorts of visuals such as wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. The Startup on the other hand is tasked to exhibit a never-before kind of an idea to the masses, which means it always needs the help of mockups to carry forward a clearer idea.

All this creates an inseparable bond between startups and mockups, in case the former needs to excel and practice the idea before the final execution.

4 Reasons Why Mockups are crucial for Startups

Clarity of Idea Across Team

Whatever your startup idea is, for the successful run you need to ensure clarity in every team member’s mind. Especially those for the non-technical department, they may not find it comfortable to understand the specifications of the App or software in full flow, but with help of these mockups, they can get the clarity of the idea and avoid all sorts of misinterpretation.

Reduces Operational Cost

The changes and revisions can cost you big-time, even surpassing the allocated budget and not respecting the deadline. Amidst all this, mockups act as a fine liner with standing out as a cost-effective solution. With an approved mockup, it is hardly something that can go south or lead to increased setup and operational cost. That’s something that makes Startups and Mockups equally essential for one and another.

Spot Flaws Beforehand

The flaws at the eleventh hour can mess up the entire project. The savor, in this case, is to diagnose such flaws beforehand and overcome them at the initial stage. Mockups can be handy when it comes to spotting those flaws and errors in the design or overall idea. For your startups, mockups can spot these flaws too, and help you take handy action to get away with them without any further trouble.

Quick Revisions and Update

Changes at the mockups stage are easy to implement, but when these changes are to be done in code, it’s a tough pill to swallow. It won’t only take excessive time but also the efforts of the developers from scratch. On the other hand, it’s pretty simple for UI designers to ensure revisions and updates while preparing mockups as compared to the changes in code.

Startups and Mockups – In the Nutshell

Startups and Mockups are essential for one and another. In order to have a successful startup, counting on mockups can save you a lot of effort, time, and cost as well. If you agree with the idea, Mockup Machine is there for you.

Move your concept one step closer.