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18 Nov, 2021

Learn to Create Visual Motivators to Boost Conversions

How often do you get attracted by the visuals?

It is evident that humans surely respond better to images than text but, do you also feel like images are the most efficient way to boost conversions?

But, the use of images in your web design supports the concept of visual sales.

A typical designer creates a local representation of your platform rather than planning a design to boost conversions. Design images are visual motivators and act as an integral part of visual sales. It sustains the quality and ensures a consistent clientele ratio on your platform. So, don’t underestimate their power.

Have you analyzed your platform through eye-tracking? If not, do it now. Many website owners ignore this essential part while designing their platform. But after performing eye-tracking, they get unpleasantly surprised. They realize that their visitors are paying attention to the things that require less care.

There is a way to fix it. Let’s find out how!

Boost conversions

How does visualization boost conversions, capture user attention, and motivate them in performing a legitimate action? What is the reason behind it?

We suggest you read the 5 main reasons mentioned below:

  1. Set your goals and make them happen
  2. Set your target audience
  3. Precise your visual representation
  4. Maintain user attention to boost conversions
  5. Set your aim to present informative things

1- Set Your Goals and Make Them Happen

Here’s a famous quote:

“Setting goals is the first step to turn the invisible into the visible.”

Do you set your goals before beginning any projects? Bear in mind that nothing is possible without goals. Similarly, not all designers set their goals or know about visual sales. They analyze competitors’ platforms and manage to portray a similar design. This should not happen. It can work once or twice but most of the time it distracts users from witnessing the same thing on the internet. So, visual sales are something a designer should know and design accordingly. Conscious designing exponentially achieves user affection and boosts conversions.

Consider the following two important things before designing:

  • Visualization methods: it says to establish the foundation, bring the rocks together, build the structure, pick out the paint.
  • Visualization goals: it says visualize that you can succeed, know triggered visuals, create a vision, give yourself a pat if you achieve anything, and other necessary things to keep yourself motivated.

2- Set Your Target Audience

Commonly, task providers provide a limited set of information to the designer, maybe they want to show less curiosity. It is always better to provide detailed info to the designer that includes everything from the content to the targeted audience.

A designer can boost conversions through designs, images, or user interfaces if only he better grasps concepts about the company, users, and product itself.

It is essential to understand your user due to the following reasons:

1) Achieve empathy through entailing relatable emotions in the pictures

Have you ever noticed that people usually respond to relatable pictures? You must have experienced it by yourself, we are sure. It is not compulsory to present those pictures that you like but post those that can well achieve empathy. It is necessary.

It is evident to know your users, in contrast, to impress them by posting a picture that conveys a special message along. To boost conversions, Try to directly rely on the choice of an image that evokes emotions. Try to believe it.

3- Precise Visual Representation

Have you ever heard the term ‘Participation effect’? If you are a designer, try to learn it. It is difficult for a designer to empathize with a user through a product that helps him to visually initiate a sense of belonging with the product.

1) Try to give your users a physical touch of your product in their thoughts

Online store retailers can’t present a physical product. Thus, they have to visualize it in a similar sense for users through professional designers.

An experienced designer who knows how to boost conversions always opts for macro images and presents them in two to three different angles so that it attracts the user much.

2) Allow your user to take possession of your products

Have you ever been attracted to a good suit worn by a handsome man on billboards? Or have you ever gotten delighted after seeing a picture of a person drinking cola? It does to everyone. The rule is simple; the brands present their product in a certain way that it starts possessing the users.

Allow your user to take possession of your products

You need to adopt a similar strategy of using attention-seeking visuals. Visual sales work best if you want to boost conversions.

4- Maintain User Attention to Boost Conversions

Are you an owner of an online store or planning to start one? Make sure you don’t have to display your product picture immensely.

Here are a few things you should consider first!

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1) Generate an appropriate emphasis

It is evident to maintain a suitable visual hierarchy of your page using appropriate designs and visuals. A user convinces himself through a platform that is not full of images. His priority is to opt for the minimalistic design.

2) Attract but don’t distract

Images are the one that does not distract users from buying their favorite products but try to maintain your visuals according to your user’s choice. Sometimes, users get distracted due to minor reasons like background, etc. so try to attain a simplistic product background to boost conversions.

5- Set Your Aim to Present Informative Things

To boost conversions, make your images according to the assigned tasks that are functional and convey information of your product to a user. Try not to insert an unsuitable image that does not correspond to any message or only fulfills the void of your platform.

Set Your Aim to Present Informative Things

Final Words

Visual motivators can boost conversions in contrast to visual sales and allow users to stay consistent on your platform. Train your designer to have basic information about visual sales and start interacting with the targeted client.

Are you planning to have a better version of the UI/UX designs of your online platform? mockup machine is here for you. Reach us now to make your platform visually distinctive among your competitors and sustain a strong customer ratio.

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