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01 Dec, 2020

5 Ways to use Mockups for Creative Brainstorming

Have you ever considered using mockups for brainstorming? Trust us, mockups can offer a lot of insight for your product and how to approach it with a creative angle.

All creative heads use brainstorming techniques to come up with unique ideas. In millennial terminology, this idea might even get viral as only those things get viral that have some element of creativity. Mockups can be a source of immense creativity as they are your first step towards product visualization and how a consumer might see it. If you decide to use mockups in a realistic setting, take out some time and do the following creative brainstorming exercises that can help you:

1) Step Inside the Customer’s Shoes

The main idea is to perceive your product through the eyes of a customer or a potential customer. Once you are in the shoes of a customer, you will discover a lot of things that you never did before. Customers come in a wide range of demographics and can all act differently if you aren’t targeting a single demographic.

Hence, you will need to narrow down your demographic and try to visualize how the customer might feel about your product. It can be product aesthetics or technical specs. Obviously, you can’t really check the technical aspects as it’s just a mockup. However, you can understand the basic mechanism.

2) Try Different Scenarios

Once you’re inside the customer’s shoes, there are endless possibilities on how you view your product. This is where you need to use mockups in different scenarios. Maybe visualize how you will use it or put it in different places and change backgrounds. Try getting it involved in maximum scenarios so that you can get creative angles on how your product mockup can be used effectively.

3) Reality isn’t as Real as you Think

In order to use mockups in real settings, you need to identify which setting is the most suited. Reality doesn’t always seem real if you put mockups in the wrong situation that has no relevance whatsoever. In order to make things as real as possible, you need to use mockups for brainstorming so that the most realistic settings can be achieved. Reality can be a hard thing to capture when you use mockups. Hence it is of utmost importance that you use these mockups within a frame of reference so that you can come up with the best settings.

4) Sight & Touch

You have the mockup in front of you and now you need to brainstorm on how you can bring out the factors of touch and sight. When a potential customer sees your mockup, they must get both the sensations as these are customary for sales when a product is turned into a mockup. You can even use mockups without photoshop just to get an idea.

5) Use Mockups in Everyday Situations

Creative brainstorming can be a never-ending process but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. This never-ending process actually allows you to get hold of more ideas that you can play with. If you use mockups in everyday situations, then that can further strengthen your brainstorming process. You never know when inspiration might strike but if you tend to inspire daily then it is definitely going to strike sooner or later. Even if you use mockup templates you can come out with some great ideas. The key is consistency.


Designing mockups is a creative process. However, what’s more creative is how these products can be used creatively. This is the reason why mockups can be used for creative brainstorming in order to find a better process of marketing your product. Mockup Machine does this by producing mockups through a creative process. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries or maybe you’re looking for your very own mockup!

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