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10 Nov, 2020

Build an Identity Mockup- Mockup or Magic?

Branding Identity Mockups became a huge market when it was noticed that “brand identity” leaves a great influence on consumer behavior and their decision-making process. Recent research reveals that humans tend to associate a sense of belongingness, prestige, and trust with brands. Maybe a certain logo makes you nostalgic and takes you back to a childhood memory.

Does this sound familiar? Well, then you know that branding can be the fundamental thing to ensure success or even make or break a business.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos

You know, we are right. So let’s see what all the buzz is about?

What are Branding identity mockups?

What is a strong brand identity? All the strategies and marketing campaigns in the world can fail if you don’t have a clear vision and idea. The very purpose to create an identity mockup is to build a strong sense of perception about your brand in the minds of your customers and users.

  • Your customers know you by your brand identity
  • You can create a loyal customer base and earn the trust
  • Create a unique image among market competitors
  • You can earn profit by testing if the branding idea works

They say that you have to shoot for stars, and maybe you’ll reach halfway across the sky. But, we know that when you have the “right team” with you, you can land on mood and show it off to stars. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Why do you need Branding identity mockups?

You have to stand out among the crowd because your customer should recognize you. Your identity is what defines you and the person can instantly understand. To create awareness in the market, try to build a powerful brand identity mockup. You can’t just jump with a blindfold on your eyes.

See it, before you let your customers see it. It’s the minor details that can make a great difference. World-famous brands don’t need any description because the world knows their logos and hence the identity.

How do you know the idea is worth it? Because they spent time building an identity of the brand. That includes everything from logo design mockups to web design and even product mockups.

Take a look at it and decide, if you recognize them.

We bet that almost all of us have either heard of them or used their products. Now, ask yourself. Would you buy from them or any new company that creates readymade products befitting for everyone? Its human psyche to want to feel special, and we need the best of the best for ourselves.

It’s the way they make us feel, and when it comes to mockups. It won’t be a practical decision if we can leave it to “free available mockups.” When you have access to the best resources, business analysts, designers who can create it with you and test it. And if you feel good, well go ahead with development.

So, let’s see what do we have in store for us here?

Create Branding Identity mockups for various categories – Go big!

You can create ready-made mockups, that allow you to save your time, money, and effort. You’d be surprised to know that companies, organizations, and businesses are creating mockups before the actual execution or development of the product.

On an interesting note, now that the social media channels have created this storm and we all are pretty much invested in our “digital lives.” Brands can find their target audience on different social media platforms. Moreover, they can create mockups for social media identity to attract their targeted customers or end-users. It can also be done on a trial basis for market research. How convenient is this?

Since there are many tools available in the market that claim to help you generate online identity mockups. We also listed the top types and the different forms of mockups.

Dig in!

There are many tools that can help you create branding identity mockups for your products. Smartmockups is one of the most popular tools. Where you have access to all kinds of mockups that includes:

Technology Mockups

Print Mockups

Packaging Mockups

Home & Lifestyle Mockups

Social Media Mockups

  • Desktop

  • Laptop

  • Mobile Phones

  • Smart Watches

  • TV Screens

  • E-Learning bundles

  • E-Reader Mockups for multiple devices such as Kindle etc.




Invitation and Business Cards

Standees and Brochures




Cosmetics and Skincare

Grocery Items

Sales items


Food items and Beverages

Product Labels

  • Home Decor

  • Bedroom designs

  • Living room design

  • Kitchen style mockup

  • Game room mockup

  • Home items such as towels, furniture, crockery, etc

Showcase brand identity on social media channels

Theme design of posts on Instagram

Pinboards on Pinterest

Stories and Posts for Facebook

Twitter posts

You can also take a look at the smartmockups website to see their display of mockups.

The reason you build branding identity mockups

Branding can also be understood as sharing your story, and if you don’t tell them one, then people will create one based on their assumptions. That’s why brands carefully pick each and everything from logo design to color theme and designs.

Thinking of rebranding?

The above picture is a simple example of a mockup for your brand. You can create mockups for stationery, apparel, and things like this disposable cup above. But, the bigger question is.

Would you be satisfied with the mockup that more than 7.594 billion people in the world can have?

It possibly doesn’t fit the idea of a product that you have in mind. The requirements, needs, and brand image vary due to different factors. Your target audience can also be in a different region or maybe an inclusive group. You cant sell Toyota to Bugatti Veyron customer, and hence the conclusion, Brand Identity is the ultimate thing that should be Bigger than anything but it covers your story and your customer’s awareness about it to relate to it.

So what now? Take the next step and that is…

Build Brand Identity – Mockup or Magic?

Your branding identity mockups have to be customized, personalized, even hyper-personalized. Now, that’s when you give your buyer, customer, and user an experience that they can never forget.

If you walk into a Porsche showroom, the dealer doesn’t have to convince you to buy one. The car itself will do it. But what is at the backend among many factors that contribute to its success? Its brand’s identity, and it always stands out.

If it were possible to use the world mockups in place of magic, we would definitely do that. Mockups can help you save countless hours worth of effort, thousands of dollars, and resources.

Before you begin this incredible journey, you have to do 1 thing.

Don’t delay it, lets talk today!

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