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05 May, 2021

Complete Guide to Create Mobile App Prototype

Building an App isn’t just about coding, especially in the beginning when you’re trying to convince an App investor or even delivering a mock speech to your team. The Harvard Report in this case backs our claim as it tells 70% of company employees aren’t on the same page with the company’s strategy. It is all because they lack product knowledge in the first place. Long story short, Mobile App Prototype could be an instant solution both for investors and employees.

Mobile App Prototype

The Prototypes are the most happening of the clan, which includes wireframes and mockups as entry-level representations. The best part about prototypes is they are more detailed and offer a walkthrough of the functionality as well, which is otherwise missing in the other two options.

Why Are Mobile App Prototypes Really Important?

The idea of prototyping came into the limelight in the 1980s when manufacturers wanted to examine a model product to evaluate how the final product will work for the customer. The idea of the project model beforehand worked well to an extent for hardware. Therefore, it got implemented to the digital products too. Fast-forward to now, almost all of the digital products go through the prototyping process in the first place. It’s no different for mobile Apps as a prototype or a mobile App mockup is designed before the final product goes live.

Why Are Mobile App Prototypes Really Important

There are multiple benefits of designing mobile App prototypes, some of them are addressed below:

Clear Pitch Idea

With a solid app prototype by your side, you simply fancy your chances to convince the investors. In other cases, without a prototype, your idea might look a little abstract and fall short in translating the overall idea to the investor. A Mobile App Prototype is more than a visual as with certain touchpoints it allows interactions that plays part in quick evaluation as well.

Footprint for Developers

A prototype upfront narrates the whole story to everyone including the protagonist of all this activity, the developers. Needless to say, an App is all about a developer’s effort with immense support from UI/UX designers and product managers.

With a prototype, it all gets easier for developers to execute the overall idea.

Footprint for Developers

Prevent Reworks and Last-Minute Changes

Nobody loves revisions and reworks, especially when it requires effort in tweaking code. This not only creates chaos around but usually raises the product cost too. At the same time, a prototype can significantly mitigate the risk of reworks and make things work well even in the first attempt.

How to Create Mobile App Prototypes?

Prototypes are like business plans; but with a better visual representation and a feature check tool. As a high-fidelity UI element, Prototypes play a crucial role in crafting expressive visuals and making a business plan understandable for everyone.

Here’s how you can plan a prototype out of your business plan:

  • Get Your SWOT Analysis done and Pen down USPs
  • Set up sketches for multiple screens. 
  • Create a wireframe out of the idea.
  • Express the wireframe by adding more UI elements and touchpoints. 

Practically you need to get some hands-on experience of prototyping tools like Balsamiq or hire a UI designer to help you with it. Getting things in the hands of some beginner at prototypes can ruin the entire product.

Mockup Machine for Mobile App & Website Prototypes

Risking your million-dollar idea’s prototype is more of a self-destruction thing, better get it done by some industry experts. If that’s the case, Mockup Machine has got all the right reasons to translate your idea into a powerful prototype so your team could easily transform it into a successful App within the given timeline.

Move your concept one step closer.