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20 Nov, 2020

Create Custom and Personalized Mockups

Why do we customize products? Because product customization is the key to serving the customer base, successfully.

A customized and personalized product means it is made according to the specifications of the prospect, built specifically for the user, in simple words, a unique product.

You feel the need to create a custom design because you want to turn your idea into a professional mockup to ensure successful delivery.

No matter how many online mockup generators you have at your disposal, the mockups created by professionals and experts are matchless.

This is why we deal in custom mockups.

There are several custom mockup generators available on the web for free, but those tools can be hard to use and often require an expensive subscription.

If you want a smart mockup with an enhanced and professional touch, look no further.

You can get professional help from experts and hire dedicated specialists to create custom mockups for you or your desired product idea.

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What do you want for yourself or your prospect? To bring your and his concept to life? But, how to achieve that?

Envision yourself editing a free image, you are adding text, some filters, shades to bring some sense to the template.

All this takes minutes, also it’s easy to design, we know that.

But just think through your final template again. Do you think it does justice to your or the client’s concept who asked you to literally bring the idea to life?

You can very well imagine the situation.

Custom mockups can improve your design work and benefit you to make your design itself portray a functional explanation, in terms of the requests stated by them.

We believe that customization is key; as every product is unique especially a technology mockup. So, why not promote your services with a personalized mockup.

Undoubtedly, there is a way to edit everything as per your desire to make your products look faultless but to customize it would always be the best choice.

Custom Mockups: A Eye-opening Story

Imagine you have designed an impressive product for your target customers, and it is now launched in the market.

What if you even explain the whole design to them but in the end, their reaction to the design leaves you disheartened?

A probable guess to that reaction could be “it is not what they expected.”

This is where mockups, especially custom mockups, come in handy.

custom mockup

Custom mockups is a concept of making a mockup look accurate for the reason that it gives your client an idea of what they must expect from the final product.

You must bear in mind as a designer that an excessively styled mockup cannot communicate the idea to them so it has to be precisely designed and well-thought-out.

So, in order to comprehend the pitfalls and technicalities related to designing a mockup, you need a professional.

It All Starts the Minute You Sit Down to Design

You realize many things when you start working on the design. Before that, it’s a bit difficult to recognize what’s coming your way. Truly, you can save yourself the effort and use the time to design something more productive, for instance, a mockup.

Swear to God a mockup is no joke! Okay, there’s another practical reason why you should make smart mockups.

A Scenario

Just imagine you’re a dress designer and you have to design a shirt that is going to be your upcoming masterpiece.

Until now, you just have a vague picture of that shirt in your mind, and you start stitching it right away.

The moment you’re done stitching, you seem to face multiple issues.

As you see it in front of your eyes, you think about all the possibilities that can make great improvements.

Let’s say, once you are done stitching, you presume the sleeves could have looked much better if they were full. You further notice that the V neck was the best option other than the round neck that you have stitched, and multiple other things could occur to your mind.

Other than stitching right away with just a vague idea in your head, you could have drawn a rough sketch on a piece of paper (that is a step before making a wireframe), a 3D design of that dress would have been the best decision you could ever make (that is called a mockup). You could have saved yourself the work of having to translate it to an interactive mockup without flaws. It surely can have flaws, but you can make as many changes as you want.

The exact principle applies to custom mockups.

Other than you discard your whole work done and start over, think about getting all the information from the client and add those functionalities in a mockup design to demonstrate how it will actually be structured.

custom mockup image

In a Nutshell

Significantly, you customize your mockup because a free mockup will not give you the desired outcome.

It is to bear in mind that a smart mockup must not be designed only to get approval from the client, but to kick start a conversation.

A conversation that will take you to a version of the design that fits best to what they asked for. You can achieve this with a custom mockup only if it is designed by professionals.

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