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21 Apr, 2021

How to Evaluate Mockups for Website and Apps

Mockups are everywhere, you don’t only need them for websites or Apps, but for something as simple as company logos too. Once you get the mockup prepared, gear up to hear the mixed views about it from your social circle. It doesn’t end here, many of your friends start praising it a lot, and some of them critically snub the design right away.

Before more confusion piles up, your decision to evaluate mockup can save your day, budget, and of course the designer’s effort too. If done rightly, the process of mockup evaluation isn’t that time-consuming, as in the case of Quality Assurance team testing tools. All this testing process puts the last-minute hassle to rest and enhances faith on your mockup design.

How crucial are App and Website Mockup these days?

Apps and website mockups are needed at this hour. The severe competition makes mockups an effort to gain the error-free final product. These low-fidelity designs have the simplicity of wireframe and effectiveness of a prototype. The mockups have UI elements and real-time images added to it, which clearly gives ideas about the final product.

Mockups are a handy tool to keep it up with the UI and UX of the website and Apps. Needless to say, UI/UX is the backbone of the product these days. Simply, it can make the user fall in love with the product or leave it without any delay.

As mockups are what’s trending at the moment, the experts have initiated some cool techniques to evaluate mockups, and this is what we are going to discuss below.

Ways to Evaluate Mockups

Ways to Evaluate Mockups

Cognitive Walkthrough

Cognitive Walkthrough is the process to analyze the usability of the product by putting yourself in the shoes of the users. The one carrying such evaluation is informed about the tasks that users would be performing when visiting for the first time. Cognitive walkthrough is a desirable option to expedite insights without spending too much of the budget.

Quantitative Surveys

Hearing it from those who matter most is the best strategy to evaluate. Devising a plan to get your mockups evaluated from a relevant audience isn’t a bad idea. The go-to technique is organizing an online questionnaire, survey or even an interactive session. Make sure you get the highest possible engagement on these surveys to get a comprehensive answer about your mockup design. Announcing your mockup as a teaser and then hearing out on reviews is a bold and effective technique to evaluate mockups.

A/B Testing

This research methodology asserts on ‘try and try again’ methodology, which means you come up with multiple designs and opt for the one giving desired results. Though this methodology isn’t that popular for mockups, still this easy-looking technique eliminates all sorts of doubts and gets the much-needed logical backing. The final results acquired via A/B testing are nothing short of perfect as at some stage they have already received the feedback of concerned people.

Card Sorting

It’s a technique to assess the usability of the product by further narrowing it down into categories and sub-categories. Generally, this technique to evaluate mockups is popular for checking website architecture. Nowadays it’s equally handy with the mockup design option as both architecture and design stand out as an integral part of UI.

final say to evaluate mockup

Final Say

The mockups act as a plan of action to your website or App. If curated and evaluated beforehand, these low-fidelity graphics can identify real time issues with ease. Mockups have a futuristic approach as they aim to give the clearer picture of the final product. In the meantime, once you evaluate mockups beforehand, there’s nothing that could go South.

Move your concept one step closer.