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17 Dec, 2020

How to Use your Mockups in Marketing?

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

— Tom Fishburne, Founder & CEO, Marketoonist

Marketing is a diverse field, it contains a multitude of facets and is vital fo

r the success of your business. In textbook terms, marketing can be defined as “the action of selling products through promotion”. In a wider scope, plenty of other fields are included in marketing such as market research, database marketing & product marketing, etc. For the sake of our discussion today, we will be focusing on an extremely important part of marketing that is relevant to product marketing.

Product marketing is a field that in essence is quite popular as all businesses at one stage undergo it. However, there’s one pre-requisite to product marketing, you need to have a product that you can market.

This is where you need to get your business juices flowing and think of a way where you can minimize your costs and act out in accordance to what is required. You have two options here:

1- Develop a Product:

You have an idea for your product, you put in large amounts of capital and spend it on development teams and whatnot. You will also have to dedicate a significant amount of time towards the development process because of the fact that time is needed in order to create a superior product. Developing a product from scratch is tedious work and requires money & time.

2- Design a Mockup:

The other option can be to design a mockup. A mockup in simple terms is a visual design of your product adjusted in real life settings so that users can relate to it. The mockup can be for your product which can be a mobile app mockup, a website or even something like a logo. Designing a mockup is an easy process as it doesn’t take up a lot of time or money. Yet you still get a glimpse of the product and see if it matches your requirements.

We believe that going for a mockup for your mobile app or website is a better decision from a business viewpoint. As a business professional, you need to look at your decisions from different angles. One such angle is to maximize your profit. The other is to take steps in the right direction and then get your profit. A mockup design for your product might be one of the best decisions you ever take, as it can pave the right direction for your product’s future.

How to Use your Mockup in Marketing?

Using your mockups in marketing is not as simple as it sounds. The hint here is that even if you have a mockup, you don’t really have the actual product with its full functionality. This narrows down the way you can market your product whether through promotions or organically. However, all is not lost as we’re here to the rescue. There are plenty of ways you can still market your product in the form of a mockup. Here are a few of those:

1- Use Real-Life Situations:

Place your mockup in settings that can be visualized and are relatable to your potential customer base. Real life situations can easily be incorporated in product mockups and there are a multitude of ways you can do that. For example, your mockup can portray bits of its functionality to engage potential customers.

2- Market it Digitally:

Get your social media platforms set as you can absolutely run ads to create some noise. Mockups can be used as marketing tools themselves but it can be a great idea to push your mockups in front of curious eyes by running ads. You can create banners, posts for Instagram, and target through ads. We suggest going for Facebook ads initially just to get things going.

3- Your Potential Customers have a Base:

Mockup is a tool that can be considered as a base for your audience. If your customers don’t know what the product is, a mockup is the closest thing you can show them to create awareness. Once your customers have a base that they can relate with, you can scale up the development process. In fact, the development process can be divided in more than one phase.

In a Nutshell:

Marketing is a vast field and there are so many angles within marketing a product that one can even get lost in the labyrinth. One of the best strategies you can go for is before the development of a product, why not go for a mockup of the same product? It’s cost efficient, time saving, and serves the purpose of identifying whether your idea is worth investing in the long run. Mockup Machine comprises a group of individuals that understand the art of designing mockups for marketing or creating some noise to raise awareness.

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