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09 Jul, 2021

Want to keep your website project on track? Invest in Mockups!

Why get professional mockup services? The answer is simple, website design mockups!

Imperfect mockups are less creative and don’t really describe a product’s look in the real world. However, mature mockups are more creative and give a proper glimpse of your future products. For example, the shape of a mug, its color, and your brand’s name imprinted onto it. You can learn all of it even before its production. So, the attention and detail poured into it is what will make it so compelling.

In the world of website development, mockups are implemented to understand the site’s architecture. You combine the structure and logic using some images, high-quality graphics, and UI elements to see how the final product will look like.

Would you prefer to know why professional mockups are significant? We recommend you take a good look at our previously written article that focuses entirely on why do they matter. And if you want to get our professional mockup services, you can visit our contact us page and get in touch with one of our business analysts.

Website design mockups

Invest in Mockups!

Mockups can help you define:

  • Effective information architecture: site mapping, content inventory & audit, information architecture diagram, simple tree structure for clients, representation of icons.
  • User flow: a user visits the homepage, clicks on the category page, views a product, adds that item into the cart, checks out, checkout screen.
  • Visual hierarchy: reading patterns, size, space & texture, typeface, color & tint, direction.
  • Color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, white, grey.
  • Typography: diot, Bodoni, Garamond, Futura, Baskerville, Arial.
  • Images: JPEG, TIFF, BMP file, PDF, X BitMap, Windows Metafile.
  • Interactions: user engagement, user focus.
Invest in Mockups

Website Design Mockups

There are several reasons why you should invest in website design mockups. You can catch bugs beforehand and see whether the design is functional or not. You can even have a mockup designed to achieve aesthetic harmony. Through mockups, team collaboration and communication are enhanced too. Website design mockups give you the chance to get relevant feedback from clients and stakeholders before any coding starts. So, a high-fidelity clickable web mockup can be a superb way to convince them and your development team.

But, what are the ways to create professional website design mockups? You can either create a custom mockup from scratch, use reusable mockup templates, use a mockup tool, or apply a mockup plugin.

1. Custom Mockups

A bespoke and tailored design is special. It’s always endorsed for the best results. A custom mockup must be your top priority because it helps persuade your clients to buy or invest in your design concept. Whether to go for it or not, it entirely depends on you. If you’re willing to invest much energy and time into that client, only then you should go for it.

To create a bespoke website design mockup, begin with an original photo. Using stock images won’t help you achieve much. Understand the storyline behind that product and take images accordingly. If this is hard to achieve for you, you can always hire a professional photographer. Once you have the photos handy, use a software to incorporate those photos into a design. We recommend using photoshop.

Custom Mockups

2. Reuseable Templates

Reuseable mockup templates are designs that UX engineers create themselves but put on the internet to be re-cycled for projects. You can opt for this technique if custom designing comes expensive for you. Such templates are original but some tweaks can add your personal brands’ style & signature to it.

If you use photoshop smart objects for this purpose, you can apply several changes to that photograph without it losing its originality.

3. Mockup Tools

With the increase in popularity of mockups and the surge in its demand, there are numerous tools available to generate online mockups and mockup templates. Balsamiq is one of those top tools that can help you create free mockups and wireframes.

We once published a blog that explained everything you needed to know about creating free mockups with Balsamiq. There are great tips and tricks for a layman. You can view about Balsmiq free mockup and learn a great deal about website design mockups using a tool.

Mockup Tools

4. Mockup Plugins

You can create mockups using some plugins too. WordPress offers a few mockup plugins on its site. We have shared their links along with names for you below:

Wrapping it up …

So these are few ways to invest in mockups, which technique do you like the most and why?

Move your concept one step closer.