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13 Nov, 2020

Is it just UI or is there more to it? Take a Tour!

Are you looking to get conversions? Do you want more users to download and start using your product? Well, product tour UX can be the way to go using UI design patterns and interactive tours. It is said and we quote ‘invision’ :

A product tour can increase sales upto 100%.

But is there any truth to it? If you never experience it, you’d never know it. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to know what is all the fuss about? The latest Google trends reveal that the popularity of product tours is increasing not only among the users, but companies are also adding this to their marketing strategy.

You can have a look to see for yourself:

Product Tour trends and popularity
Product Tour vs UI design patterns Google Trends in the USA

Start your tour!

Get to know Product Tour UX – The Next Big Thing!

The one thing that you can’t be irresponsible about is your user’s experience. You have to be very careful because you are creating a walkthrough for your targeted set of consumers. It is the first impression and you know; what they say about ‘first impressions?’ However, to make this experience delightful, you have to add hints that can help them remember you.

UI design patterns and product users generated through UX can be a great way to imprint your message on the minds of your users. Whether it’s a software, website, or even an app, it helps the users to know that you care. It comes in handy when you have to create a simple tour for a complex or comparatively difficult to use product. For example:

It’s like creating a step-by-step tutorial for your targeted consumers and targeted user market to understand the right usage of the market. The underlying objective is to create more ease and convenience for your user. But you can also achieve your marketing targeted and meet your end goal.

What’s in it for me?

Interactive product tours and tour design patterns can be leverage to get noticed. It goes for websites, software systems, apps, and whatnot. But before you jump in, here’s an interesting thing that we wanted to share with you.

You can have more of what you want from your startup or online business. By creating a mockup of the tour guide or the design mockup of the product tour. It will allow you to see your product from your user’s eyes. Hence, you can run tests to identify any shortcomings and fix them time before they go out in the world. Isn’t that amazing? A cost-effective way to lure your customers and get them to do what you have in mind.

It is also a very smart way to demonstrate your product’s features and functionality in a more clear and precise way.

Here is an example to get the idea:

Interactive Product Tour for Dashboard
Interactive Product Tour for Dashboard

To begin with Product Tour UX

Getting started with UI patterns can be tricky because you have to keep in view many things. Do you have the resources to make it happen? If you have a UI/UX designer on onboard, who can turn this ‘user onboarding’ experience into profit. Now, that would be the actually incredible thing.

So once you start with it, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind. It includes:

  • Saves Efforts and shortens the time to get to know the product
  • You can get them to activate, register or install the product
  • You can make your customers feel more valued with a tour
  • Make it simple and easy to avoid any complexities
  • Bring new users through excellent onboarding tours

Why do we use UI and UX patterns for product tours? It means that you have the power and control to make easy UI patterns for flow within the product. It means you are in control, who doesn’t like that?

User Onboarding Product tour UX
User Onboarding Product tour UX

If you are trying to create a mockup for product user or interactive UI design patterns for a product tour. You have to keep two important questions in mind before you determine the UI patterns:

A Walkthrough for new and exiting users with Product Tour UX

  1. Who is your ideal user for the particular product?

2. What are you trying to say through your user onboard product tour?

With a product tour, you can make it informative, interesting, and unique. Because, if your product is unique, it will automatically grab the user’s attention. Boom! Your retention rate will go up.

product tour ux for ginger (1)
Product tour for Ginger

Uncover the secret to get 100% Conversions – Effective Product Tour UX

Use your product tour to increase user conversion, because it will make it a more memorable user experience. Once, you log in, you are in for an adventure.

  • Use it to not only educate but to convert and lead them to the end goal.
  • Try to keep updating the product tour UX experience to stay relevant.
  • Make it more interactive, simple, minimalist, and less frustrating or complex.
  • Avoid throwing loads of information on your user, no really don’t!
  • Make it more special by using a personalized touch, people like feeling special.
  • Create familiarity for new users within the existing system with a product tour.
  • Keep in mind the similarity quotient between real-time functionality and features.
  • Bring the user’s journey to another level with easier navigation through your product.

Don’t forget to create curiosity and leave them wanting more, that’s when you ask them to use your product, install it, or download it.

Meet your Goals – Create a great Mockup for Product Tour UX

Without a doubt, by now we have reached a conclusion that product tours are a great way to educate your users and increase new users. If you have a running website or a platform that has different functionality. You can create a user navigation based tour, to achieve your user’s trust and deliver them value.

It also shows that you are very well aware of the targeted section for your product in a particular market. You are wise enough to know that you gotta test it before you invest it, right?

So, are you ready to take the next step? It’s alright if you haven’t had the chance to create a product tour. You can create it now, and that too without a delay.

If you are ready and you have any queries related to it. Let’s talk today and figure this out at a much faster rate. Because you have got a mockup machine at your disposal!

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