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29 Oct, 2020

Mobile App Mockups – A Wise Business Decision

What is a Mobile app mockup and is it a wise business decision? Before we get into mobile app wireframing & mockup, it is essential that we look towards a purpose. Here’s a quote for a little insight.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker is considered as the founding father of business management philosophy and a large portion of his work is geared towards innovation and its management. Peter Drucker firmly believed in smart decision making so that it can create an impact in the future. According to his philosophy, the only way to move forward is to take every little step in a direction that has purpose.

This is where mobile app mockups come into play as they are a little step towards your journey but an extremely wise decision. The decision to build a mobile app mockup is a wise one as it can pave way for a product that’s meaningful and saves a lot of time in the long run.

mobile app mockups

Here are a few ways why mobile app wireframing and mockups can be a wise business decision:

Materializing your Idea:

Ideas are abstract. In fact, all great and commercially successful ideas begin with an abstract thought process. You have this brilliant idea and the neurons in your brain come up with an image or rather a sketch of how your idea can be transformed into an app. The only problem is; our brains can be highly susceptible to change or even loss of thought process. A mobile app mockup hence is the means through which you can contain your idea on a visual image or a mockup. Materializing your idea through a wireframe isn’t just a smart business decision, we truly believe it is your first stepping stone.

mobile app mockups balsamiq

Balsamiq provides appropriate tools that you can use to sketch your idea into visuals. Although, the tool can only be used for wireframe creation.

Avoiding Idea Deviation:

Ideas are highly volatile. Meaning, they can deviate a lot from time to time. One day you’ll wake up in the morning and realize a better angle towards your previous idea regarding a mobile app. The trick here lies in containing your thoughts through a mobile app mockup. A mobile app mockup will not let you deviate from your original thought process as visualization can enable your thought process to remain linear. We’re not saying that idea deviation is a bad thing, however, it can get hard to keep our thoughts at bay and the best way to contain them is through a mobile app mockup.

UX Visualization through Mobile App Mockup:

A mobile app mockup is your lens through which you can get the first-hand experience over how a user will experience your mobile app. User experience or UX is a central part of any mobile application development phase and the fact that it’s one of the biggest factors that can dictate the success ratio of your mobile.


Once you get your mobile app mockup developed, you have a parameter through which you can judge a person’s perception of your product. You can even use the mockup and ask around for feedback from friends and family or someone who falls under your target audience. UX visualization can be interactive as well, this gives you an edge in understanding the workflow dynamics of your app.

Saving Costs:

Any business management framework requires cost minimization. Your mobile app mockup might seem like an additional cost as you can obviously get your fully functional mobile app developed in the first place. However, this is extremely risky for your business as the final product might not be the one you imagined, or perhaps the developers will mess it up. In order to create a better future, you must take steps in the right direction which will in turn save you a lot of costs. Besides, mobile app mockups wouldn’t cost you a big cheque and the biggest advantage is that it can sharpen up your products in manifold ways.

In a Nutshell:

During the process of your business evaluation, kindly take out the time to check out the very purpose of why mobile app mockups are needed. Once you find the purpose, your ideas can be morphed into something that’s absolutely brilliant. All you need is a visual representation of your ideas in the form of a mockup. It has never been easier to change the way you reach your goals. Mockup Machine can set you up with a dedicated resource who can help guide you towards your goals with a sense of firm direction.

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