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20 Nov, 2020

It’s Trending: Mockups are never out of Vogue

Mockups are convincing; you know it, we know it.

We say if you demand your stakeholder’s trust, show them the mockups. The understanding built in the beginning will help you complete your product development efficaciously.

How do you pitch a design to the client? Obviously, you present something to them, hence presentation is vital.

If you want your service to tower over others, then a mockup can be the top option to showcase a flawless and refined design.

With loads of mockup varieties to pick from, you must check what design fits their brand, and it is the ultimate strategy professionals adapt to perfectly satisfy their needs.

Here we talk about the top mockup trends to give you an insight into how your ideas will look after the design phase is completed.

free mockups

Mockups: A Cutting-edge Solution to Development

As there are countless free mockups for you to pick and choose from, how do you decide which one is right for you?

The tool operators have brilliant minds at the back who are constantly designing tons of free mockups, hence there are trends coming and going. So, Mock, Mock! Are you prepared to step up your mockup game?

Let’s get started with the trends, as mockups are never out of vogue. Here are the top 5 mockup styles for you to follow:

1) Video Mockups

Sometimes static images can’t perfectly portray a design idea alone, but video mockups can. A video mockup showcases the product design in 3D scenes to highlight each element and feature in an eye-catching way.

It is a flexible way to flawlessly style product design presentations to demonstrate how the end-product will feel and behave. We tried to design a video mockup using Placeit but it did not turn out to be dazzling. Also, this is a screen recording because the platform asks you to buy the package if you try to download the mockup.

You can see the prices attached along with the video shown below:

We won’t suggest you go with Placeit for video mockups as there are alternatives to video software too. You can use Smartmockups for an ideal finishing as it is believed to be the best tool used to design a professional looking mockup.

In Smartmockups, you have a free hand to create several video mockups using free mockup templates for desktops, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, smartphones, etc. But the design is not available for free but comes as a premium offer. So, you’ll have to buy a package.

Well, the tools do offer convenience but also demand a hell of a lot of your precious time. Obviously, not every one of us has the luxury of time and expertise to first get to know these tools and then use them to create. Don’t you agree?

2) Floating Mockups

Why do you create a mockup? Do you not design it with the purpose to show all the necessary features to your client? There’s a perfect way to achieve this goal.

Floating Mockups

Just like you see in TV commercials how a product is shown rotating 360 degrees to boast its features; floating mockups serve the exact purpose. The above mockup template is displayed to sort of give an idea to you how a floating object mockup merger surreal motion with a more lifelike looking object.

We trust that this can be a perfect way of telling a story to the customer in a more refined and professional way.

3) Isometric Mockups

Do you wish to present your designs stylishly? We are talking about an amazing mockup trend that is emerging at a faster pace to give your product a design view like never before.

Did we leave you wondering what an Isometric Mockup is? Well, the technique is truly simple. Designers showcase a 3D object into a 2D format to avoid the same old flat front-and-back view of the product design.

Isometric Mockups

4) Repetition in a Mockup Design

Believe it or not but this mockup trend is so cool to be true. Never thought that a design that keeps repeating itself could look this pretty.

At times excessive gaps can make a mockup feel dull, especially if you have to show a smaller piece of product design. For instance, a postcard or maybe a business card, etc. So repetition in a mockup can give a stronger visual impact by stacking it up. We have an example to show you below, have a look.

Repetition in a Mockup Design

5) Distressed & Texture Mockups

Looking for cool mockup artwork? Who knew that the creases and crinkles as a texture could take your branding logo to the next level? You can utilize this trend to create an artwork masterpiece for your brand’s marketing.

Amongst the top trending mockup style we have revealed above, this, in particular, is adding a sense of realism. Do you not love this minimalist yet attractive design?

Distressed & Texture Mockups

In a Nutshell

These days, several mockup software tools can help you achieve all of the above classy trends without a doubt. But, what you desire is convenience, don’t you?

You work hard to search for a tool needed to design the exact mockup you or your client requirements, or you look through libraries to filter out that one template you need.

So, why don’t you hire a service company to do the heavy lifting for you?

Clients are typically impatient so you need speed. To find a tool, a perfect template, and then to design the template as per your necessities will slow you down. We guarantee that you won’t be able to complete it on time leaving your client impatiently waiting for the design and for you to give an explanation.

Why don’t you simply leave it to the experts and spare yourself the hassle?

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