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10 Sep, 2021

Mockup Machine: Turning your ideas into actual UI

Do you know how useful a mockup is for the software development process? It can help clarify your vision and design before you begin the development. In software development from scratch, mockups hold a particular rank.

Mockup machine is the ultimate platform to design mockups, wireframes, UI/UX, and prototypes of various sorts. You can save thousands of dollars, precious time, and countless hours of empty efforts with us. Find out how in this guide!

Software development process

If you’re interested in knowing the pros and cons of professional business mockups, you can go see our manual on it. We have listed four major reasons why you only need professional mockup services.

Do you want to uncover all the possible slips beforehand? Do you want to visualize how your final software will look? Want to know everything? Want to know more?

Let’s dive right in and turn your ideas into actual UI with Mockup Machine.

User Interface Essentials

What is UI in simple words?

In the software development process, a strong visual design cannot be undervalued. If a design is good, it stays in your memory forever.

What are the most memorable logos? Starbucks has an iconic logo. The golden arches, McDonald’s logo, who does not recognize that? Apple, Nike, BMW; all have logs that are timeless pieces. Similarly, a user interface for software is like golden arches for McDonald’s. It makes the software memorable and meaningful.

So, the process looks something like this: Once the wireframes are delivered to the UI designer, he adds pretty-looking pictures to the black sketch and turns it into an eloquent model. He further adds vivid colors and attractive fonts to it. He uses some tools to convert it into a rich design that is as realistic as possible.

Some companies have UI/UX designers that perform the same duties for them. But, some designers are specialized in UI only. We have both by the way.

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In the software development process, a UI comprises:

  • Software appearance and behavior
  • Brand research
  • Adaptive responsive
  • Animation & interactivity
  • Execution & implementation

Do you want to be a UI/UX Designer? We believe that you are already on your way to becoming a UI/UX engineer, but you must polish up on these UI/UX design interview questions to prepare yourself for your first big interview. If you read our guide, you will finally be ready to climb up your career as a UX engineer.

Mockup Machine: Turning your ideas into actual UI

Do you know how we create mockups for you? We initially collect useful information from you and examine your intentions. We contemplate how to come up with features that your product must have and can have. Your target users are studied, their ages, demographic profiles, we survey everything. Based on this data, we define a typical user persona just for our understanding.

Your chief requirements are taken into consideration for the software development process such as:

  1. Color preferences, if any
  2. Particular graphics
  3. Specific images
  4. Logo designing
  5. Pages, etc.
user story

The software development process is similar to painting. If you want to paint something you first buy all your art supplies i.e. requirement gathering at Mockup Machine. You render every tone and detail, we call it product analysis. You pick your medium for instance sketching! From your supplies you look for the exact brushes you need, the stuff you require… that’s called defining the feature set here. Then you decide on what you want to paint first; we create mockups to get that understanding. We create a UI, we call it our first painting. Then we review and improve it and this is how a prototype is designed. The testing phase tells us where we stand, and if that prototype is a success, the end product is a success!

user story template

User Interface Pointers

What is a perfect user design in the software development process? We feel that it should have an appealing, special appearance, a sensible structure, and must be understandable. It may seem complicated but it is what it is. You should keep the following things in mind when working on a UI design:

  • Be aware of the color contrasts
  • Keep responsiveness in mind
  • Experimentation is the key to innovation
  • Focus less on flashiness and more on usability
  • Keep consistency
  • Relevance is the only security that exists here
  • Determine your target audience
  • Maintain successful branding
  • The colors not too sharp
  • Easy overall pattern
  • Check thorough
  • Logical reasoning
  • Dynamic effects
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In a Nutshell

Having mockups designed is a clever idea because it’s an economical approach. It is a wonderful method to include UI/UX into your design early. It boosts collaboration within the team.

Mockups are used to present a solid input to your stakeholders; they can understand where the design is headed.

Lastly, we suggest you embody this practice into your designs from the beginning to prevent any practical and financial destruction.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Move your concept one step closer.