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16 Jul, 2021

UI/UX Design Interview Questions

Do you want to be a UI/UX engineer? How do you answer questions in a common UI/UX interview?

We believe that you are already on your way to becoming a UI/UX engineer, but you must polish up on these UI/UX design interview questions to prepare yourself for your first big interview.

Tech Interviews Are The Worst!

Technical interviews are terrible for some; they generate stress on both sides. If you search on the web, you can find views of candidates that have faced excruciating interview processes at least once in their careers. Quora is literally filled with awkward reviews and distressing interview stories. This review is taken directly from Quora as a piece of evidence to support our above statement. Look what the guy has to say to you.

Awful right?

But, you don’t have to fight your way through the interview process anymore because we are going to answer the top UI/UX design interview questions you might be asked in your initial meeting. We are here to support you!

Our UI/UX design interview questions guide will cover the following topics:

  1. How to prepare yourself for the interview
  2. Some most common questions asked in the interview
  3. How to answer UX designer interview questions

Let’s begin!

How To Prepare Yourself For The Interview

Do you understand how critical it is to prepare yourself well for the interview? Especially when there is a lot of competition around. So believe us when we say that preparation is 80 percent of your careers’ success.

Here are a few things that you can adapt to better prepare yourself for the UI/UX design interview questions:

Face The Fear

Are you aware of the fact that many people fear giving interviews? The term Ergophobia is used to describe this sort of phobia in people. When talking about the UI/UX design interview questions, do you want some tips to cope with job interview anxiety? You can easily get over this nervousness unless you’re ergophobic.

Face The Fear

Simply do the following:

  • Being well-prepared acts as a relaxant. So look back at your past projects to stay prepared on what to tell the interviewer.
  • Practice talking in front of a mirror or record yourself on a camera to examine your weaknesses.
  • Avoid caffeine and take good sleep before the interview day.
  • Avoid troublesome clothing, be punctual, and stay focused while giving the interview.
  • Take slowly and avoid any negative automatic thinking.
  • If given a chance, explore the potential employer to show you’re curious to know about their work culture.
  • Body language says it all, so sit confidently.
  • Show up well-prepared. Have all the necessary documents handy. For instance a cover letter, resume, certifications, business card, references, pen, and a notebook.

Some UX Tips

There is no doubt that UX engineers are high-in-demand. And being a professional in the field, you are always looking to grow or develop successfully. This also includes appearing in multiple job interviews. Hence, we are sharing some tips to help you perform the best in your next UI/UX design interview questions:

  • Study in-depth about the company and the interviewer. You can find some useful information from Quora, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or other platforms. Learn about the interviewer from LinkedIn. Thoroughly read his profile, get to know his achievements, past work, especially his interests.
  • Be informed of design trends like minimalism, simplified UX, pastel colors, typography, and immersive 3D visuals to achieve a unique and engaging user interface.
  • Bring your design portfolio along with your CV.
  • Include recommendations from your past customers, if any
  • You will be asked to solve a design problem so solve it with patience. Our pro tip is to relate the design problem with your past design tasks.
  • Before you solve a design problem, bear in mind to use a problem-solving approach.

Some Most Common Questions Asked In The Interview

The majority of UI/UX design interview questions start with testing your general design knowledge. The purpose of the interviewer is to ensure you have a solid understanding of UX. So, brush up on your UX design basics before you appear for the interview.

Some Most Common Questions Asked In The Interview

Here are some common questions an interviewer can ask you in the interview, so practice the following:

  1. How would you define UX design?
  2. What are the differences between UX design and other design disciplines?
  3. How does UX add value?
  4. What would you say is the next big trend in UX design?
  5. What is design thinking in simple words?
  6. What defines a good UX?
  7. What are the 3 most important skills of a UX designer?
  8. Describe a UI/UX project you worked on?
  9. What’s the project you are most proud of?
  10. What is the most challenging project you’ve worked on?
  11. What are your weaknesses as a UX designer?
  12. Why did you become a UI/UX designer?
  13. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  14. What is your design process?
  15. What techniques have you been using in user experience design?
  16. What should you never do during usability testing?
  17. Who is your design hero?
  18. Are there any UI/UX online magazines or publications that you read?
  19. How do you collaborate with product managers?
  20. What’s the biggest difference between developing for mobile and desktop?
  21. Which is the best prototyping tool for you?

We cannot answer these questions, instead, we highly recommend you to derive your definitions other than your google on the web or ask your senior or junior employees.

How To Answer UX Designer Interview Questions

Without further ado, let’s start answering UI/UX design interview questions one by one:

What does a UX designer actually do?

As a UX engineer, I have to ensure that the product and technology are adopted, and loved by its users. It’s my duty to support the needs of the customers. Whether I am designing a fresh product, coming up with additional features, or altering an existing product or service, I put the users and their overall experiences first.

How would you enhance the UX of our product?

To answer this question, we would recommend you to study the company’s product in depth before you appear in the interview. Otherwise, you won’t be able to speak freely about how you would enhance the UX of their product.

Why should I hire a UX designer? Is there really a need?

How do you evoke a need here? You can tell the interviewer how the world is going crazy over professional designs and why design aesthetics matter. Tell him if he expects his product to become successful, he must give a positive UX experience to its users. You can mention the importance of mockups because mockups, wireframes, or UI/UX designs have become a part of the software development lifecycle.

Why should I hire a UX designer

Explain how poor graphics is the main cause of losing customers. And how software projects fail big if the design phase is compromised. Present a scheme to him, you must have come across several scenarios in your career until now. Take about them. At least discuss one!

How do you conduct a UX audit?

It is one of the most critical UI/UX design interview questions ever asked. So practice it best.

First of all, a good UX audit depends on the time and budget allotted to an engineer. Because the audits don’t necessarily have dedicated closing dates. Some audits can last a day or some can last weeks.

Generally, I make a start with understanding the business goals of the product being audited. After that, I study the audience in-depth. The third step is to understand user objectives and after that, I review the analytics.

As a UI/UX engineer, I have to take care of the usability heuristics to identify the design issues. So, I would perform this test too. During this evaluation, I compile whatever I have learned from buyer personas and perception into buyer objectives to go through the product as if I am the user.

Why do you want to work with us?

It’s one of the mainstream UI/UX design interview questions every interviewer can ask. First figure out if it’s a startup, medium-sized company, or a large corporation because you would like to answer accordingly.

you want to work with us

Ensure to read the company’s values and contemplate to figure out if you can help them achieve their objectives.

There is this quote by UX designer Guy Ligertwood, ‘not fully sure if I want to work at the company, and that’s why I am here: to find out more.’

Such profound words!

Do you have any questions for us?

Here the interviewer is giving you an opportunity to ask whatever you want to know about their processes. So ask him some good questions to get to know their culture. Here are a few UI/UX design interview questions suggestions:

  1. How does the role of a UX designer fit into your organization?
  2. What does the day of a UI/UX designer look like in your company?
  3. What is the career path for me here?
  4. How does your company maintain a work balance?
  5. What do you enjoy the most about working in this company?

That’s about it. We have pretty much touched all of the UI/UX design interview questions that can be asked by your interviewer. So are you finally ready to climb up your career as a UX engineer?

Move your concept one step closer.