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17 Feb, 2021

A New Approach to Create Professional Product Tour UX

We all learn in different ways, and our minds operate in their own unique ways. Product tour UX is part of professional mockup services to create a ‘product guide’ for your targeted users. Recently, it has become very popular for many online platforms and online applications to assist the user in attaining a better onboarding experience. You might be interested to know that there are different types of professional product tours that can be created and used as per the target audience. It creates ease for the user, as Steve Krug who is applauded by thousands of web designers and developers for guiding them concerning ‘Intuitive Navigation‘ and ‘Information Design,’ as he says in ‘Don’t Make Me Think,’

The main thing you need to know about instructions is that no one is going to read them—at least not until after repeated attempts at ‘muddling through’ have failed.

In this context, product tours would be your attempt to try to reach directly to users and interact with them. Basically, it’s your first interaction with the product, simply described like a ‘welcome note.’

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Before we jump to the benefits of these product tour mockups, we first need to know the importance of these product tours and product tutorials that are making all the waves.

Let’s dive deeper into it!

A Progressive Approach- Onboard with Product Tour UX

It’s not a complex thing to understand. Imagine that you just landed in a new city in another country. You’d need some guidance, perhaps a tour guide? Yes, google maps comes in handy, but you’d still need an introduction and someone to help you figure it out at first. At that very moment, you think to yourself, what do I do? Where do I go?

Now you can get into your user’s shoes and understand their plight. With a product tour, you can solve the problem of your user and make the onboarding more welcoming and easier for them especially when they sign up. Product tours play the same role for user onboarding for the product that you are creating. It’s like buying a product and you get a manual to set it up at first. You get the idea, right?

Since this is a digitally created tour that your customers will be seeing. You can get it designed, get a mockup made and then test it before sharing it with the users. This is where the different alternative options are presented so that you have a choice such as:

Product Tour – Using designed screens with bite-sized info to introduce the user to the product. It’s like taking the user step by step through different functionalities. They get to know the product.

Product Walkthrough – It is considered a highly effective way where you interact with the user to help them identify ‘ what to do? and ‘how to do it?’ It’s a wonderful way to show value to the user.

UX Onboarding – Design plays a pivotal role in this interactive tour, where you welcome the user as they sign up for your product or app. An ultimate guide to making the user stay, so they don’t feel like an alien.

Now you have seen some examples of product tours to create more value for your targeted users. It allows you to make a more personalized experience for the user. It can do much more than just showcasing your product to the customer. You can use product tour UX created through professional mockup services to achieve your business goal.

Product tour UX is more than just UI. You’d be surprised to know that you can use this one step to create more success for your business. Let’s find out what it holds for us, shall we?

Product Tour UX – Take Conversions and User Retention Sky High

Product tours, mockups, test prototypes, and tutorials are a great way to see and analyze the potential that modern-day software products, website platforms, and mobile applications hold for us. It allows you to see where you stand in the eyes of the majority of internet users. You must that sometimes the user will abandon the ‘sign up’ midway or install the app and keep it without using it. It costs you, and not only money but also the resources and effort that you invested in it in the first place. Product tour UX is a great way to educate, inform, inspire and entertain your user while taking them onboard.

  • It allows you to build a powerful relationship of trust with your customer so that they have confidence in the potential of the product that they are gonna use.
  • Since you can’t go and train each and every user. Product tour or walkthrough enables you to educate and train users to eradicate any possible confusion and clear things out.
  • With professional mockup services, you get to develop wonderful product tours, walkthroughs, and UX onboarding where you hold the chance to make a better 1st impression and convince users to stay.
  • You can achieve a high conversion rate and upscale your business by creating more user retention rates. The recent studies support this notion, such as recent research revealed that the dropout for an app was reduced to 65%. The simple strategy of introducing a product tour worked like a charm.
  • You make your user feel special and enhance the user’s experience. This will bring improvements in the overall turnout.
  • How can you solve a user’s problem, when you don’t know them? You can interact with the customer and get their instant feedback through these interactive tours.

More than anything, you are building the product for people, right? So you must keep their interest at heart. In order to know their interests in a better way, it is important to communicate and interact with them. Product tour UX is the way of the future because the world is moving towards hyper-personalization. Do you have a product of your own? Are you ready for this future with the advanced mockup industry taking over the software development market?

If you want to walk a better path towards success in order to stand out among the crowd, then do what is needed at this time and stay ahead of your competitors. Creating a Product tour UX is just one step towards that journey.

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Build Product Tour UX – Are you ready to come onboard?

Since you are already here, let’s leave business aside for a while. We sense that you are someone who is inspired by ideas and values, and wants to do something incredible to gain a loyal user base, right? Well, then we’d suggest that you don’t have to hold the burden of the world on your shoulders. Two heads are better than one, right? Don’t take the risk of investing so much time in developing a product. You can create a mockup of the product tour UX and test it first.

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