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06 Nov, 2020

Branding Mockups: Shape Your Brand’s Identity

Are you creating a brand from scratch? Or you want to refresh your existing brands’ identity? Well, you must take a start from brand identity mockups to cabinet how the brand new design or redesign can look in real-life products.

Let’s say you need to design business cards, marketing visuals, promotional materials, or even corporate papers, branding mockups will impress your clients and you will experience a drastic uplift in your portfolio.

This brand identity mockup guideline will streamline this particular procedure for you to win potential clients every single time. Grab the knowledge and feel free to share our article.

What Will We Teach You?

  1. What are branding mockups, and how they offer help?
  2. What are the few different ways to make brand identity mockups?
  3. Examples of branding mockups

You can have a look at this folded business card mockup design for further understanding.

Mockups Design

What Are Branding Mockups, and How They Offer Help?

The term branding is just not new. Branding materials such as business cards, marketing visuals, papers, promotional materials, posters, etc. set you apart from others who are offering the same services. It further allows consumers to distinguish you from them, creates your brands’ identity, and thickens the connection between you and your customers.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person.

You can’t take it lightly so why not test your material before you public? Branding mockups can benefit you in several ways.

  1. You can show a replica of your exact idea
  2. Gives you the possibility to apply your raw concept into a tangible form
  3. The stakeholders will be able to grasp the real-life idea of the brand like how the colors will look, etc.

In the end, you want to be perceived as good.

What Are The Few Different Ways to Make Brand Identity Mockups?

Don’t know where to start building branding mockups? The great news is that you don’t have to as the internet is full of tools to design brand identity mockups, you just have to find the right tool to fulfill your needs. The most popular software by the name Adobe Photoshop can be the best choice to make a start with.

Let’s start our tutorial with Free Mockup Tool as it is the biggest source on the web for free photorealistic branding mockups, that’s what they claim. If you talk about the software tool, in general, it has a category by the name ‘all free mockups’ at the top you will find the ‘online mockup generator’ tab but the small problem is that you will be re-directed to another platform called “Placeit’ for custom creation. Then they offer ‘premium mockups’ that cater packaging and logos category too.


Those of you who don’t require a custom design but okay with pre-designed mockup can choose any for free from the ‘branding mockups category’ and click ‘go to download’ like demonstrated underneath.

mockup builder (1)

The tool puts you at ease, you don’t have to be a skilled designer to achieve the above goal. The tool gave you the free-hand to download a branding product mockup straight inside your system.

But is this all that you want from a tool? We are talking about a design that is truly yours, how to achieve that? How to create your own mockup? We are speaking from our own experience, this is the part where this tool failed us, surely it will fail you too.

You are utilizing mockups as a powerful way to persuade your clients that your design fits their brand, and it is somewhat the most professional designers want and do. But, if a tool can’t let you create a custom design that what to do? We did try to achieve a tailor-made design with this very tool, see below to experience what we experienced!

Free Mockup Tool redirected us to Placeit – we visited their ‘mockup category’ on the top right where we explored their instant mockup generator.

As you can see the free mockup generator is not really for FREE. We were asked to pay $7.95 for a single mockup and a price of $14-$89 to get the unlimited subscription. Secondly, by looking at the mockup picture, you can easily tell that it’s not a high-quality design. A well-designed mockup must look like a vision of the future but the design is not a perfect fit for the shape.

building mockups

Examples of Branding Mockups

A company’s visual identity is defined by its logo. Logos are so important if your logo isn’t doing well, your brand becomes non-recognizable.

branding logo

Have a look at the Starbucks Logo. It has been around since 1971 but it’s still the most iconic logo of all the time. Do you believe a tool can offer you such excellence and uniqueness? Even if they don’t write their name on the logo, it will still be identifiable by the entire world, isn’t it amazing?

Don’t you wish to achieve the same level of accuracy and neatness? Then stop thinking about using a builder for branding mockups. Always go for a made-to-measure concept.

Good News!

Do you want to showcase your design ideas to clients like a pro? To design branding mockups has now become easier than ever with Mockup Machine.

Simply hire a professional for tailor-made design to flaunt your brands’ identity to customers and make them remember your name forever.

A polished design can make your job a lot easier if you’re selling the product to a client. Are you not bored of spending hours on a tool to design a single mockup? With Mockup Machine you can save energy and spend time wisely.

Pick up your phone and dial today!

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