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22 Dec, 2020

The Way Forward – Game Design Prototyping

Game design prototyping and development enables you to communicate your vision through design. As Jeremy Gibson states in his book named, “Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development: From Concept to Playable Game with Unity and C#.”

Design isn’t about you; it is about the project. Working as a game designer is about collaborating with the rest of the team, compromising, and above all listening.”

The very purpose of game design and creating a prototype is to portray the real feel of the product. It is the first step to introduce the user or the potential client to the experience of the product. It enables you to give a glimpse of the game before moving towards the development phase.

Get to know Game Design Prototyping

A game design prototype is usually the visual portrayal of the game that you want to create. It is usually done before the development process to save time and extra effort. You can’t just jump and invest all your money and energies into creating a game. What if you don’t like it later? Because, once the game is developed, it would be more challenging to make all the changes in design and development. Therefore you can do it all beforehand to save yourself the hassle.

How to get started with Game Design Prototyping?

A designer has to first know all the requirements, needs, and expectations in order to create the prototype. Therefore it is important to gather all the data related to the project and then doing the market research to create the very first sketch for the game design.

With the start of the ideation and iteration process, you can start with:

  • Creating Game Sketches
  • Making a Storyboard
  • Knowing the Purpose of Project
  • Understanding the Scope of Project
  • Unveiling the Type of Project

You can also go for a physical prototype first, as you can use a paper sketch, gameboard, or even software prototype. It all depends upon your choice, but you can hire the resource to create a prototype for them. Now, you can avail the services from a game designer, CG Artist, or even your preferred UI/UX designer to meet the completion of this particular process.

Game Design Prototyping Process – Uncover the Elements

The vital purpose that is a game-changer in order to create the game design helps us to make the desired changes, updates, and additions before finalizing the project development. Basically, before moving with the development phase, your pre-production phase is completed with the help of game designing prototypes.

With Game design prototypes and design mockups, you have the power to analyze the scope of the project by running usability tests. Everything is equally important starting from the mechanics, game story, design aesthetics, and moving with the development.

Identify Means and Ends- Basically, you have to start with an end in mind. Don’t take it as ‘the end’ because there is always room for improvement. But, you have to know the destination, so that you can reach the right place. Know the ins and outs, including the development and creation of characters. Sketch the idea, sketch the characters, and finalize their roles. Moreover, there are games that are considered ‘endless.’ For example, a game that allows you to create the highest score, and then you can keep doing that to create a new score beating your own score.

Create a Game Environment – Everything has a story and vision of its own. It becomes easier for the designer to craft the environment. This means that you are enabled to define the main theme and create the environment. Wherever you live, work or go for entertainment, every place has its own significance and aura. Similarly, every game design reflects its environment as per the story. It’s better to create a sketch, before moving towards high-resolution images, so you can get more views on board and deliver the best.

Internalization + Externalization Analysis and Assets – What comes to your mind when you hear the word assets? Well, it includes all the features, the stages, the buttons, and the functionalities that will allow us to play the game. Now, it can be the external features or the internal levels having challenges or hurdles that one player has to cross within the game. For example, you have in the famous game, Subway Surfer, different hurdles. Now, a designer can showcase those in the prototype design, to give a glimpse of each level.

Turn Prototype into Product: Development – Now is the time to showcase the game app prototype, and display all the assets, animations, and features. Therefore it is always advised to follow a method whether it’s creating a wireframe, mockup, or prototype before the development phase. That will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of revamping and updating. Isn’t this wonderful? Now all you have to do is choose the right technology to move with the final stage.

Here’s a look at the iterative process concerning game design prototyping:

Build your app- Take the next step towards Success!

Do you have any idea to create a game app? The very step defines your clarity about your product and vision. So once you have seen the prototype, which means that now you have a visual representation of your idea, the next move is that you need to choose the right technology and hire the resources to make it a reality.

If you have an idea for a game design, then move your concept closer to reality.

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