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21 Jan, 2021

Use LinkedIn Mockups to attract your customers

Have you heard of ‘LinkedIn UI Mockups?’ Yes, the term appeared very surprising and interesting to us. I mean LinkedIn is a social media platform. What would you do with the mockups? Well, now that the world is using all possible means to stay ahead of the competitors. This one is also part of their marketing strategy to attract customers, and inculcate mockups to do so. One of the major reasons that this is being implemented is that LinkedIn is a global site with such a large reach. The business could be touching the sky if the platform and strategy are used in the right way.

So how do we do it?

You can uncover the secret to the success of achieving more customers right here. let’s start!

But, first, let’s discuss the elephant in the room.

What are LinkedIn UI Mockups?

LinkedIn mockups are created for all posts, ads, and company pages that you want to create. Now, this can be for the illustrations, professional mockups, corporate profile deck, or the ads for LinkedIn posts.

LinkedIn Mockups enable you to visualize your marketing posts, marketing strategies and analyze their potential before making it accessible to your potential customers and market.

Why do you need LinkedIn UI Mockups?

We can’t possibly just jump into creating things, as there is a lot of competition on the market. Once you have an idea or a concept that you’d like to discuss with your investors or the boss. What is the first thing that you’ll do? You will be trying to make them understand the idea through a ‘blueprint.’ It will save you time, effort, and help you represent your idea in a more professional way. Therefore it is important to create a mockup, to see if you are going in the right direction. Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about ‘LinkedIn UI mockups.’ Because most of the companies are trying to shift their marketing to LinkedIn to find high paying customers and to reach their target audience.

LinkedIn is considered to be a professional platform for businesses and also for other people. So, if you have a B2C or B2B business, you can create a powerful image of your company using this channel. But, what should be the marketing strategy? That’s where mockups come in, and interestingly enough you can also create mockups of the product that you will be showcasing. The mockups can be in form of images, UI interactive templates, or even video mockups. It’s good to plan, and it’s even better to create a mockup for that plan. So you have the opportunity to weigh in the pros, cons, and possible risk factors. Never place all your eggs in one basket. As Warren Buffet advises,

‘An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.’

With the ease of mockups, you have the leverage to create a visual display of your ideas, and concepts and showcase it to the target audience whether it’s a potential investor or a customer. With LinkedIn UI Mockups, you can:

  • Promote your online business and direct the traffic to the website.
  • Connect and engage with your target community and customers.
  • Attract customers through your social media presence and strategy.
  • Find the right customers for your products and services.

How can you use LinkedIn UI Mockups?

Social media channels are used for marketing purposes, but now businesses have converted them into a platform where they can directly sell their products and services to the customers. Moreover, it is also important to use mockups intelligently and smartly.

Meanwhile, let’s see how we can use the UI mockups in a way to develop step by step marketing. You have to inform, engage, and sell. You have to create the trust that you can convert the users and visitors into customers, and then sustain that loyal lot of customers.

So what can we do to use the mockups in a better way?

For example:

  • Personal and Professional Profile Mockups
  • Business, Corporate and Professional Mockups
  • Company Page Mockups
  • Professional Deck and Proposal Mockups
  • Product Tour UI Mockups

The purpose of doing all this is to stand among the crowd because everyone can do marketing. The real question is, what makes you unique? That’s where incorporating mockups can help you to get ahead of the competition and achieve your own significant position. Moreover, many people confuse mockups, but social media mockups are quite different than other products, websites, app, and software mockups.

Are Social Media Mockup and LinkedIn UI Mockup the same thing?

With LinkedIn UI mockups, you can create mockups for the posts, sponsored ad posts, carousel ads, company pages, company profile, video posts, and article posts. You can even create a mockup first to see, how it will look on your business page or company page on LinkedIn. That will give you time to analyze and see if it’s worth investing your time and money.

You can look at the below images, it will help you to create a mental image of the LinkedIn mockups. It could be similar to these, or you can create your own custom mockups.

LinkedIn Ad Mockup for a Carousel Ad
A template for LinkedIn UI Mockup for an Ad Post

Create an Award-Winning Mockup for your next project

LinkedIn is where the future social media strategist and marketers are planning their dominance and monopoly. It was not only reported as one of the most influential and powerful sites that bring global traffic, but it was also termed as the 21st website in the world having this much significance. Isn’t this remarkable?

So if you already have a website, a product, or an online business to sell services. You can use different ways to generate more customers and traffic to increase customers. LinkedIn UI Mockups are just one way in that stream to organize your workflow and strategy.

Do you want a mockup for your next project? Do you have one for your current project? No matter what the answer is, remember the golden rule, there is always room for improvement.

Let’s talk about success today!

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