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31 Dec, 2020

Mockup Saga: Wireframes vs Mockups vs Prototypes

Do you want to create something? Perhaps a software product, an app or to develop a website? Wireframes vs Mockups vs Prototypes is an attempt to make the development process successful. Many businesses and companies make the mistake of jumping straight into the development process, which then delays the launch, needs more updates and money. You can avoid the risk of wasting your resources, time, and money.

It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? But the real question is that how do wireframes and prototypes ensure your product’s success? It’s because they help you see the product in visual form even before its materialization comes to being. But to really understand the art of creating incredible software products, you need to know the difference between all three that is wireframes vs mockups vs prototypes.

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So let’s quickly know the main difference between these three for once and all.

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The Difference: Wireframes vs Mockups vs Prototypes

With everything great, there are bound to be some challenges, especially with the things that have never been done before. Smart people always find a way, but a great mind goes in the ‘right way.’ With the changing trends in the market, it has become crucial to test, analyze the idea for a project before jumping with all your investment. To create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes, it has become much easier to make an informed decision.

Let’s get to know briefly what is all this buzz about?

Know the most talked about Wireframes:

To design amazing software, you need to start from a sketch before you develop the visual UI design. This blueprint acts like the building block in enabling you to create the basic structure for the understanding of your designers and developers. A walkthrough of every function, feature, or screen with help of a wireframe. They are usually low fidelity wireframes such as produced by online tools like Balsamiq. The reason for mentioning Balsamiq is that it is our Business Analysts’ favorite tool to understand the difference between wireframes vs mockups vs prototypes.

You can take a look at the image below to imagine the look of a basic wireframe:

Transform Mockups into Products

The purpose to create a mockup is to showcase a visual demonstration of the design of your product or desired software system. At this very stage, you are empowered to do design analysis and design testing. There are different types of mockups including identity mockups, brand mockups, personalized mockups, custom mockups, professional mockups, etc.

You can create mockups with help of online mockup generator tools, but it is stressed to create your own unique mockups and avoid duplicity and copyright issues. You can create UI design mockups for the website, software, and mobile apps to take a journey into the venture drawing a comparison between wireframes vs mockups vs prototypes.

Develop Functional Product Prototypes:

With a product prototype, you are one step closer to do the coding and programming stage. It allows you to test the concept with a functional prototype and analyze it for user-friendliness and usability. Software prototyping is quite popular among the developer community, and there are different types of product prototypes. You can create a prototype for a website, software system, or maybe a game app prototype. It allows you to decide among wireframes vs mockups vs prototypes in order to develop the desired product.

In this way, you can also do one major thing and that is to make any updates or changes. It will save you from the extra costs and extra efforts that you will be doing during the development or the completion phase. It really speeds up the development process and saves you from the undesired hassle.

You can add UI Design prototypes, add links, buttons, and see user-navigation to check its feasibility and functionality. Isn’t that wonderful for software prototype testing? Because, prototypes have been used in engineering for software products for the longest, and now it has become an absolute necessity.

Unveil The Secret to Development Success: Wireframes vs Mockups vs Prototypes

As we are discussing the development process, and you can leverage wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to achieve your desired business goals. You can stand out among the crowd, and turn your idea into a functional prototype to see if it’s worth it.

It has become clear that it is a step by step process, but you can also take a look at the benefits that come with it. The Secret to the successful development of your software product is simple, it’s the benefits that add more ease, seamlessness, and streamline the process.

With Wireframes, Mockups, and Prototypes, you can:

  • Get faster development by reducing the risk of failure, mishaps, or any other glitches.
  • Make timely updates, additions, and changes before beginning the actual process.
  • Save time that will be spent on collaboration and changes during the process.
  • Reduce overhead costs and assess the investment required to build the product.
  • Test and analyze the product for any possible challenges or shortcomings.
  • Avoid extra efforts spent by your resources or your own time and focus on better things.
  • See the actual demonstration, UI design, and even usability with a functional prototype.

Basically, you become one step closer to transforming your idea into a materialistic product with help of these wireframes, mockups, and prototypes with help of expert business analysts, designers, and developers. Therefore you have to choose wisely.

Make the right choice: Wireframes vs Mockups vs Prototypes

You can have all options with possible solutions in the world. But, if you are unable to find the answer to your ‘unique problem,’ well that’s the real issue. That’s what the mockup machine does. It solves the biggest problem faced by many businesses and companies around the world. From building an app to creating the most complex enterprise-level software product, you need to create a mockup first with professionals on board. Where do you find those people?

You can have it all on one single platform, and that is a mockup machine. If you desire to have convenience, speed, timely work, detailed workflow and don’t know where to get started?

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