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21 Oct, 2021

What does a UX Designer Do Day to Day at Mockup Machine?

Have you heard about UX Design? Are you unsure about a UX designer job? We give you a glance behind the curtain to see what our UX Engineer Sohail is working on.

Why do you think your app is one-of-a-kind? If you think it’s fun and lovely to use then thank the UX designer who worked on it to make it look that good.

A UX designer job is structuring an app’s experience in a way that seems natural. It’s his job to make the navigation comfortable. Doing that requires strong insight and workmanship. So let’s talk about those characteristics used daily.

To throw light on the UX designer job, we caught up with Sohail who works as a Senior UX Engineer at Mockup Machine.

Here, he tells you a little bit about his day as a UX designer. You will get an outline of a day in the life of a UX designer along with some peculiarities that you can await routinely.

A Day in the Life of a UX Designer

Sohail spent five years in the UX design field first at Nextwerk that is our parent company and now at Mockup Machine. Overall, he has extensive experience of almost 5-6 years in the field of UI/UX design.

In the context of working, Sohail spends 85% of his work hours on searching, forming design ideas, solutions, designing, and communicating.

He works as a Senior UX Engineer and his roughly day-to-day duties are as follows:

  • Creating client-centered blue-prints
  • Creating user flows in the wireframes, prototypes, and mockups
  • Interpreting demands into style settings, designing planning systems, UI patterns, and engaging UIs
  • Originating UI components such as input controls, navigational elements, and informational components
  • Graphic designing
  • Troubleshooting any UX problems
  • Collaborating with the administration teams
  • Gathering client feedback, usage metrics, and usability for enhanced user experience

UX Designer Job Behind-the-Scenes: AM to PM

As you may have heard, designers are mostly a bunch of introverts. It’s all the same here but Sohail is a thoughtful, truly intelligent nerd who most of the time stays quiet and reserved but when needed turns out to be a team-oriented player.

He is an A-person who usually gets up at 8:00 AM. His typical day starts with a cup of tea that he serves himself with a Nutella french toast. After having a nice breakfast, he strategizes his morning tasks. He tells us that morning is a time for him when he puts his brain on auto-pilot.

Sohail likes to begin his work time at 10:00 AM so he leaves his place at 9 because he doesn’t live too far from the office so he walks to work. Sometimes he takes pictures of posters or road workers. We know this because he shows us those pictures each time he clicks them. He never admits it but we think he has a passion for photography as well.

mockup machine carlsbad
(A picture clicked by Sohail Asghar)

Showing up to work early is his thing. So he can be seen sitting on his workstation before 10:00 AM changing desktop wallpapers every day. We literally notice a new wallpaper on his screen each DAY!

Finding UX inspiration is important to him because he likes to keep up with the changes happening in the design world. His most favorite design inspiration websites are Dribble, Behance, Pinterest, and Unsplash. If still, design ideas don’t flow, he steps away from his computer and looks elsewhere for inspiration.

This is how he Maintains his UX Designer Job

His workload is diverse and varies according to different projects; once, he tries to come up with a new concept, and later, he starts wireframing and creating prototypes. As a UX designer, he’s directed to work closely with the development team. It’s a necessary thing for a UX designer job!

A collaboration between a UX designer and developer is important nowadays, so Sohail knows the significance of uniting with the development team. If he manages to design anything during his day he shares it with the developers, team managers, and junior designers for their engagement and useful feedback.

UX designer job and team work
(Sohail can be seen talking to his his team members about his latest UX designs)

His Further Activities Are Listed

While performing a UX designer job, he remains engaged in providing navigational guidance while designing screen flows and how elements on the screen should behave. His interaction with each developer in the firm is quite collaborative. If he misses anything, the quality assurance manager spots it and brings it to his attention. Teamwork makes the dream work!

He spends a few hours sketching with the help of his Wacom tablet and experiences different things for his learning to benefit the users with a more reliable experience. During his lunch break at 2:00 PM, he usually eats and interacts with other employees. In the evening, he’s engaged in meetings with his team lead, line manager, and different colleagues.

For the past two weeks, he’s been busy designing the IMS design for our sister websites. The most challenging and important thing for him is to elaborate his ideas to seniors and explain why he has made those ideas or how productive those are for the users. The half part is already shared and he received good and encouraging feedback on it. You can also experience the design on our websites real soon. For that, stay tuned!

As a designer, he works in close collaboration with everyone and he is quite good at balancing his manager’s demands and quicker in user testing to validate or invalidate the design decisions.

We are proud of his accomplishments!

(Sohail while working)

UX Designer Job: Interaction with His Seniors

Sohail takes feedback very seriously. He’s a creative being yet a man of logic and reason.

He is an organized being so his to-do list for tomorrow is prepared already. He did show us all of his listed work tasks so that he stays stress-free at the end of the day. He says the best thing about his job is that he never finds himself staring at the clock to track time but maintains his consistency by staying proactive.

Source of Inspiration

Sohail gets inspiration from everywhere as he perceives nature in a different way. He stayed inspired throughout his life by listening to people’s conversations, observing their lifestyles, and of course, reading. He is a curious being so he always inquires about technology on YouTube, Linked In, and other tech blogs such as TED to explore new ideas and differentiate his standing in perceiving technology.

If you perceive Sohail’s story too amazing and are planning to build a mockup for your startup, contact us now. Read this article, why do startups need to build mockups and make yourself clear about everything relevant to Mockups.

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