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10 Jun, 2021

Guide to Interactive Product Tours – Uses & Application

You get a mini-book along with every home appliance you buy. The booklet you never read or even opened once. Can you recall? It was a user manual sent to walk you through the installment and usage procedure. In short, it was a detailed guide that had all the essences as in the case of interactive product tours these days.

Even though they are beefed up with so much useful information, those user manuals are quite unpopular as you prefer interactive product tours instead of long-boring texts.

What is a Product Tour?

Product Tour Aka Product Walkthrough is an in-App tutorial or a collection of videos that aim to enhance your product knowledge. The product tour revolves around the main USPs of the product and about their effectiveness when used rightly.

What is a Product Tour

Rather than leaving a new user directionless, the product tour is an organized visual to help you explore your aha moment as early as possible. The aha moment here refers to something that creates value for you. Apart from the main focus on product features, the tour also takes care of the precautionary part to ensure the longevity of the product.

Benefits of an Interactive Product Tour

Faster Adoption

You may leave or opt out after using your product – that’s because you don’t know much about it. So the most important thing is to educate yourself about it. As soon as you get familiar with the product, you are more likely to use it for a long time.

Better User Experiences

A satisfied user experience is essential for product growth. The UI product tours help you connect with your customers easily. The better user experience means your user isn’t stranded anywhere in between. The product tour helps in ensuring the best user experience, so don’t underestimate its power.

Ensure Higher Conversion

Even if the consumer lands on your website, at times he’s reluctant to proceed further to buy your product. That’s when the customer isn’t well aware of your services or isn’t convinced with whatever information you shared. A product tour in this case helps you to understand the entire project by increasing the conversion rate of your website.

Prompt Feedback

Customer feedback is always crucial when it comes to improving your product. With an interactive product tour as a first touch-point with your targeted audience, business owners can easily get feedback and suggestions. This won’t only help the business to optimize for the greater good, but enhance brand awareness as well.

Benefits of an Interactive Product Tour

Tools to Create Interactive Product Tours


Userpilot acts as a no-code hub for solutions such as user onboarding, product adoption and customer retention. All this efficiently takes place under the umbrella of ‘Engagement Layer’, through which companies can establish product flows and full-fledged product tours as well. The UI customization feature with hundreds of elements aims to enhance the user experience with increased interactivity in the first place.


It’s an interactive platform that works to build user trust through conversational and interactive tours. This linear onboarding UI platform is usually known for basic yet effective product tours. Moreover, it lacks an A/B testing feature, which is somehow crucial to evaluate the efficacy of different UI tours.

Tools to Create Interactive Product Tours


A product tour is important to educate the new onboarded users and employees. This video representation revolves around different segments of a product including ‘About Us’ and ‘How it Works’. In short, it is aimed at the user to increase retention and customer satisfaction.

Hire Expert for Custom Product Tour

Even the go-to UI interactive tools have limitations when it comes to setting up custom product tours. So rather than getting stuck or lacking that personalization in your product tour, the best option is to connect with a UI expert team to create a valuable tour by adding your true colors to it.

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