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25 Nov, 2020

Photos vs. Isolated Mockups: which one is better?

In software development or manufacturing, a mockup design is mainly used for demonstration purposes. To give a visual idea to the client about the product that they want to develop. By this we mean, you demonstrate the product development idea to the client for further evaluation.

Mockups are designed by experts and professionals such as UI/UX designers, Business Analysts, etc. to explain how a product will look after the development. The whole idea is to acquire feedback from the end-users and then make revisions to enhance the inclusive experience.

You know that clients ask you for customized products; products designed as per their wants and desires. If you take a look at the market, every other product is tailor-made to magnet customer attraction. You will find customized keychains, mugs, t-shirts, and even software products.

Multiple brands have dedicated their businesses solely to custom development for an enriched shopping experience. So, how do you find a way to give the buyers exactly what they want? Stay tuned and you will find an answer to this question.

This is a mobile application mockup sample

Mockups Vs Photography

Talking about mockups, do you ever find it hard to understand the difference between photos and isolated mockups? We will make it easier for you to understand by demonstrating the dissimilarity in the easiest way possible.

Photo Mockups

Have a good look at the above image. This is a photo captured in a real-life situation, a high-resolution image of a frame. Imagine your goal is to alter it into a customized photo mockup. Now further imagine and try to figure out ways to customize this photo. Not many options right?

Are most of you thinking that Photoshop can do it fast? Sure, try it out but the moment you upload this image on the tool, you will realize that making a customized photo mockup out of it is less achievable.

To add your logo to the image is a small task to attain, but to entirely change the look and feel of the background is much more thought-provoking. You can do any edition possible to make it look like a customized lifelike image, but surely it will cost you a great deal. It is time-consuming, tiring, and there is less room for modification.

Isolated Mockups

The above is an isolated mockup template image. It purely has just the product, where you can effortlessly customize the background as it is all white. You can enhance any color you desire, or simply keep it transparent, it’s your choice.

It’s not just the background that can be changed or color gradient that can be added, but there are several other ways to make it look special. You can crop out the item itself and place it somewhere else to claim it as yours. The potentials of an isolated mockup are boundless; you can have a woman hold this phone in her hands, place it on a table, etc.


Hopefully, the distinction between them is pretty evident to you now. In the end, your goal is to get customized mockups, a professional design no matter the use case. We recognize the pain behind spending hours to design flawless mockups using tools & builders. You must be thinking of a faster way to get what you want in just a few minutes. Want to save yourself the bother?

If you are already running a successful business or want to develop a product, you are now aware of the fact that customization is the key that enables you to create products as per your business needs and tailor-made just for your clients.

With the help of isolated mockups, you have the leverage to change background, styles, use vector-based illustration with a unique background, and build high-resolution mockups that serve and suit your business.

So are you ready to build some awesome isolated mockups with Mockup Machine?

Let’s start today.

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